Working Casual Dates into Your Everyday Schedule

Having an affair can make your life a lot more hectic. Suddenly you have to worry about when you will see your mistress next, what you will do with her, and how you will explain it away to your wife. A busy schedule makes for a busy life, and adding a mistress into that can just make it even more crowded. However, it’s not that hard to work a few casual dates into your daily schedule if you just know what you should be aiming to do. Reading this guide will help you figure out how you can see your mistress on the daily without raising any suspicion from your wife. Utilizing Your Lunch Hour to the Fullest “Spend an hour of romance” Your lunch hour is honestly a miracle in disguise and you probably do not even appreciate it properly. The lunch hour is a perfect opportunity to get out with your mistress without your wife knowing any different. You need to put a bit of extra effort into planning it, since your lunch break probably isn’t that long, but it is definitely doable and you can get in a short lunch date with your affair with ease. You might even be able to hook up if she knows…

Where to Take Her When Your Wife is at Home

Having a mistress is no easy feat. You not only have a woman at home, but you’re taking on another one. Keeping them both happy is going to be tough. When your wife is at home, your mistress might want to get it on or spend some time together. You obviously can’t take her to your place or your wife will kill you both. But spending so much time at her place might give you away if she doesn’t know that you’re married. You can take her anywhere from fancy to cheap if you just think outside of the box. A Motel or Hotel “This is the best place to take her” If you’re feeling fancier, why not take her to a luxury hotel that does spa stuff and couples massages? She’ll love the getaway and the fact that she’s getting pampered. Even if she meant to get mad at you for not making it more personal by taking you to your house, she’ll forget with the first facial. Not all of us have the money to take our ladies out to a high-class place. You can always do the next best thing and rent a motel. Motels tend to be way cheaper because they’re pretty much just a room…

Ways to Lead Your Wife On

“Don’t try to lead her on for too long” Let’s face it-sometimes after years of being married (even if it’s happy), your wife just doesn’t do it for you anymore. Whether it’s a stagnant sex life or just not wanting to be around her, you might be ready for a change of pace. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to get into the dirty business of lawyers, alimony, and all that other stuff that comes with a nasty breakup. Instead, having a little fling on the side can spice things up and keep you interested, all while keeping things cool with your wife. Just be sure that you do things right or else you’ll be in a spot that few guys envy once the shit hits the fan. Keep It Distant with Your Fling The first part of leading on your wife and getting away with it starts with keeping things distant with your fling. Don’t be that guy that tries to hook up with his wife’s best friend. It never ends well. Instead, check out personal ads and adult sites that can let you meet someone who doesn’t know your friends or your family. This way, you can cut down on some of the risk of getting caught…

Ways to Lead Your Fling On

Most of the time, you’re probably worried about keeping your action on the side a secret from your wife. But what about the other woman? If she doesn’t know the real scoop on your marriage and definitely wouldn’t be cool with it, she can be just as paranoid and nosy when it comes to you keeping things under control and going well. To avoid any nasty mix-ups between your fling and your home life, follow a few simple tips that’ll keep things separate and let you continue enjoying the best of both worlds. Ditch the Ring and the Wallet Pics “It’s better to hide your married evidence” Start by cutting out all the obvious signs that there’s more to you than just getting together a couple times a week and hitting the sack. This means leaving the wedding ring and anything in your wallet that can give you away. Think pics of the kids or that photo of you on your wedding day with your wife that are in the car or at home. If she ever asks about these kind of things just play it cool and don’t commit to any details. While coming clean might seem like a great idea after a long night together, you really don’t…

Ways to Forget You’re Married for One Night

Every married guy thinks about cheating at one point or another. Even in the happiest marriage, it’s normal to wonder what it would be like if you were still single. Most guys don’t act on this unless things are really bad. If your marriage is on the rocks, you’ve probably found yourself thinking more and more about what you’d do if you weren’t married. If your relationship problems keep heading downhill, at some point you might decide to try and pretend that you’re single for just one night to see what kind of crazy shit might happen. Take Off the Ring A wedding band is a constant reminder that you’re tied to someone else. If you wear it all the time it’s going to feel weird to be without it, which is only going to keep reminding you that you’re married. So if things between you and your wife are bad, start taking it off regularly. Get used to not wearing it. Once you’re at the point where you don’t even notice if it’s off or on, you’re good to go. Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing This You’re planning on hooking up with a woman that’s not your wife because your marriage isn’t happy. Keep reminding yourself about that. It’ll…

Using Her Unhappy Marriage to Your Advantage

While some might say that there’s nothing worse than watching a marriage fall apart, these unhappy relationships can be a gold mine for those who know how to use the situation to their advantage. If you’re looking to score a quick hookup, put the whole sanctity of marriage thing to the side and read on to see how you can make the most out of love on the rocks. Do Your Homework “Learn whatever you can about her” If you want to get close enough to get between the sheets, you’re going to have to do your homework while getting to know her. This means learning what TV shows she watches, where she likes to go to hang out and if possible, the dirty details of why she and the hubby are on the outs. Naturally, if you already know her, this is easy. If you’re just sitting down to chat, don’t forget that women love a good listener. As long as you nod, smile, and seem sympathetic, she won’t be able to stop herself from spilling the beans and filling you in on all the details. From here, it’s all about letting the conversation steer itself toward happier thoughts, namely what’ll happen once you two head back to your…

Turning Your Affair into a Learning Experience

“Gain experience from your affair” Most guys view having an affair as something that will only benefit them because they will be getting what they’re lacking from their marriage. It might be sex or it might be intimacy, but whatever it is, you might be surprised to learn that you can get more from your affair. An affair can actually be a good learning experience for you that will help you grow closer to your wife and maybe start resolving some of the issues you have with your marriage. You might find this surprising, but there are actually plenty of reasons behind this and you should learn them all so you can start making the most out of each affair. Why an Affair Can Help Your Marriage Affairs might seem like something that can only harm your marriage, especially if your wife ever finds out about it. Of course the goal is to not be discovered, but beyond that, affairs can actually be beneficial to your marriage in ways that may surprise you. By having an affair, you can work out some of the issues you might be having with your marriage by focusing on another woman. If you have issues in the bedroom and you are not being satisfied,…

To Sext or Not to Sext: Deciding Boundaries for Your Fling

One of the hardest parts of a relationship is deciding how serious it’s going to be and how far it’s going to go. This is doubly true of relationships that are on the side. You can’t have a public affair, so by nature the boundaries have to be different from that of a common relationship. Where they should be, however, is a subject that some people feel more strongly about then others. When you’re deciding how far you and certain sexy someone are going to go follow these steps to know where to stop. Assess the Risk The first thing that you must do is assess the risk. How likely is it that your wife is going to catch you cheating? Have you cheated before? Does your wife snoop a lot, or is she trusting? Do you go out of town on business often? All of these affect the risk factor. There’s always some risk in keeping secrets from someone who knows you well, so expect that there will be some problems with this. When you have a good idea of how likely it is that you’re going to get caught you can decide how far apart you need to keep your real life and your affair life. Stick to…

Three One Hour Dates for Your Lunch Break

Lunch break dates can be hard. If you’re not looking to hook up during your lunch hour (and it’s not really a good time; there’s barely enough time to get something fun done, yet alone all the things you want to do to your sexy mistress) then you can still lay the groundwork for getting laid later. A good, fun “date” at lunch will make her more receptive to moving directly into the fun stuff when you have time for all that. Here are three fun one hour dates that will let you have a blast and still get back in time to punch that time card. Picnic in the Park This is a classic, basic date that most people don’t think of. Unless there’s absolutely nothing green nearby you can have this date almost anywhere. The park could be a park, a field, a garden planter, or a single tree. All you have to do is treat it like it’s really a picnic. Bring the kinds of finger foods and little sandwiches you’d see at a picnic. Microwave up some hot dogs before you leave the office and take them up to the roof to put on condiments and eat them. Recreating a park at a simple garden planter…

The Most Convincing Cover-up Stories

“Convince her with your well made realistic stories” Having a good cover up story to help prevent your wife from getting suspicious is hugely important when having an affair. Having a good cover will help you from being discovered and it can also make your wife less suspicious in general. However, it isn’t always easy to know what might make a good cover up story. Knowing what makes the best cover stories will help you be more successful when trying to conceal your affair and it will definitely help you have a better and less stressful affair. You will still have to come up with your own excuses and stories, but these tips will help you do so with ease. Integrating Your Story into Your Normal Life It is greatly important that your story and excuse fits in with your normal life. This way it will seem less conspicuous to your wife to begin with, since she won’t think it’s so strange and out of the ordinary. Trying to convince her that you have taken up a completely new hobby or that you’ve been going out with friends you haven’t seen for years is definitely not going to work. There is a reason why most guys try to convince their…


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