5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Improve Your Appearance (That Your Wife Won’t Suspect)

Every married guy needs to brush up his looks before he gets back in the game. You have a woman whose got to be attracted to you no matter what, and one of the chief perks of marriage is letting yourself go a little bit. Now that you’ve decided you want a mistress, however, you need to freshen your appearance to attract a suitable lady. The trick? Doing it so subtly that your wife won’t wonder what you’re up to.

Teeth Whitening Strips

These can be cheaply bought at most grocery stores and will do wonders for your love life. Whitening strips can enhance a man’s best feature: his smile. When you’re at the office just take a few minutes and apply these strips doing your lunch break. You often can’t eat for a certain amount of time after that, but that will just help with your weight loss goal of dropping a few pounds, won’t it?

Change up Your Hair Style

"Go for a change, She may like it"

“Go for a change, She may like it”

Every man needs a hair cut now and then. The next time you go in try a different style as well. That’s really all you need to be invent a whole new you. A fresh hair cut (you can ask the stylist for help choosing; she gets that all the time) will be easy to explain to your wife. You saw the picture and you thought you’d try it out. Does she like it? Chances are good, however, that she won’t even notice that much. She doesn’t take a lot of time to check out your hair anymore.

Look after Your “Health” with a Green Smoothie

"Improve your health naturally"

“Improve your health naturally”

Vitamins don’t just make you feel good, they help you look good. They smooth your skin, boost your tan, and help keep your eyes bright and your tail bushy all day long while you go about the serious business of meeting ladies. Popping vitamins is a big change to your daily habit that you’ll have to explain to your wife. Mixing up big batches of green smoothies just seems like you’re trying to make eating your vegetables more fun. You can find tons of recipes online to boost your mood, give you energy, and keep you looking better day after day.

Turn Your Ratty Clothes into Work Rags

When it comes to ratty old clothes you should avoid temptation wherever possible. You never know when you’re going to meet a woman you want to impress. The best way to avoid temptation is to destroy it, but your wife would question you just throwing out tons of clothes. Slowly make old, stained, torn, unfashionable clothes into useful rags. After it’s been sopping up motor oil your wife isn’t going to ask why you’re throwing it out!

Update Your Glasses

If you wear glasses then you should be happy to know that updating your look has never been easier. Just pick up a hipper pair of frames the next time you get your prescription updated. Again, if you’re not sure what to go for then just find a saleswoman to help you. They get this all the time, and they’re usually happy to help a man walk out with glasses that will turn heads.


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