Avoiding the Three Most Common Mistakes Married Men Make When Hooking up

Since the dawn of marriage, men have been hooking up outside of it. It’s the way of the world. Since that same dawn, men have been making the same simple mistakes over and over and over. It’s also been the way of the world. Well, we’re not cave men anymore, are we, fellows? We’re not the type to repeat the mistakes of the past anymore. Skip these three common mistakes and you’ll be able to avoid most of the problems that come with getting a little on the side.

Don’t Lie; Imply

"Don't lie and try to stay away from complications"

“Don’t lie and try to stay away from complications”

If you can avoid it never actually tell a falsehood. Inventing stories just gets you dragged deeper and deeper into pits that you don’t want to be a part of. Keep things simple and you’ll avoid getting tangled in a web of your own making. If your wife asks where you’ve been don’t say that you stayed late at the office. Say that you had a lot of work today and the boss is breathing down your next. It amounts to the same thing, but you can avoid the ‘tells’ that come from actually telling a lie. If you can find a way to get out from having to look your wife or girlfriend in the eye and lie to her, you can make it one less time that you risk discovery.

Moderate Fitness Increase

A lot of men with a new woman to impress (or guys who are looking for one) throw themselves into fitness like there’s no tomorrow. Now, maybe you just now discovered that you love to work out. Maybe you’re a body builder in the making. If you’re like the rest of us, however, there’s a good chance that throwing yourself into working out is something you do because you like the perks. You want to look great, feel great, but if you could do all of that while watching a movie and eating nachos that’s where you’d be. Women are the main reason most guys are in shape or want to be in shape. If you suddenly want to be in shape, your wife is going to know that it’s not because you’re trying to impress her. If you’ve got a case of the “marriage body” and you want to scrap that, try a moderate fitness increase. You can play it off as concern for your health and drop a little excess weight, and maybe do some moderate weight training. Keep it casual to keep suspicion off of you.

Always Have a Second Email Address

"Always be cautious about Emails"

“Always be cautious about Emails”

Don’t ever sign up for anything with your regular or work email addresses. Not sites, not chat services, nothing. Don’t even give a woman your real email address directly. Have a second email address that you don’t enable cookies for. Only access it in incognito mode, and make sure that your computer doesn’t save the password. Only then can you really know that your email is as private as you want it to be and avoid getting caught.


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