Getting Rid of Your Married Body–Toning Up to Attract a Mistress

Everyone talks about guys gaining weight when their ladies get pregnant, but it happens when you get married too. You don’t have to impress her anymore and the courting season is over. So you don’t go to the gym as often and you start eating some takeout a few more times a night. But when you start to get bored and realize that you need a change, it’s going to be hard to find one. That change is, of course, a hot young woman. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much to get back in shape and start prowling for a mistress.

Walk More

“Staying fit should be your preference”

Getting in shape doesn’t have to involve hitting the gym every day. An easier way to lose some of the flab without drawing attention to the fact that you’re trying to look better is to just walk more. Park further away from the store, walk around on your lunch, and find reasons to get up more and walk around your house. It will all seem really little and meaningless while you’re doing it, but those steps add up my man.

Let’s Get Physical

Pick a new physical activity that you really dig doing. Now go do it. The best types of classes to get an all over workout that will tone your body are: boxing, karate, P90X, and cycling. Plus, in cycling, you’ll get to meet all of the hot women who are also taking it. That’s killing two birds with one stone. The whole idea here is to find a new physical hobby and take it up. You won’t draw attention to the fact that you’re suddenly trying to look fit and healthy, which is the first indicator to any wife that her husband is going to cheat on her.

Eat Better

“Go for a healthy diet”

Ugh, we know. Eating better seems to be the answer to just about any health related issue, but that’s because it fixes them all. You can totally ditch a physical workout but eat better foods and still slim down. It’s as easy as cutting out crappy foods that are full of sugar and carbs and switching to vegetables and shit. It’s not as though we don’t know how to eat well, it’s advertised everywhere and really just requires some common sense. Your wife will probably want to join you on this since having a healthier diet is fairly popular now so expect her body to get pretty bangin’ too. Again, the absolute best thing about this tactic is that it won’t make her think of you cheating. What guys forget is that women are really perceptive. When you make a major minor change she’s going to notice and automatically think the worst thing possible, which is true in this case.

Dress Better

Like we said, when you get married you don’t have to court anymore. But now that you’re back on the hunt you’ll need to update that wardrobe and try to add some fashion back into it. Wearing khaki pants and a button down shirt is going to make your body look like it’s been married longer than dinosaurs have been extinct.


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