How to Have an Office Fling on the Down Low

When you’re willing to have an affair the best place to start looking is the office. These women see you every day, and in this situation it’s very common for tension to build up. Work forces people together who wouldn’t otherwise be, and even if you would never hit it off outside of the office enough Christmas parties and days spent trying to do anything but work will turn up the heat between even the most unlikely of people. Once you’ve found that lady you want to use to liven up your sex life you need to follow a few basic rules to keep things between you discreet and efficient.

Set the Rules Early

Don’t stumble blindly into a new relationship. Not even an office fling. Too often the woman involved doesn’t know that it’s just a for fun situation. She thinks that she’s found something real and all of a sudden you’re in over your head. Don’t be a victim, speak up early. Let her know that this is not a love connection. You’re looking for sex, some excitement, and no strings attached fun. She can take it or leave it. You’re not here to haggle with her.

Make Sure You’re Never Late

Don’t be late to work, and don’t be late back from lunch, and don’t be late getting home after work. All of these situations will get you into trouble either at work or at home. Build extra time into your mornings to be sure that you’ll get to work on time even if you’re hooking up with your coworker in the parking lot first. Make sure that you can have enough time to have sex and be back at your desk in an hour. It might take some creative scheduling to fit everything in, but if you want your relationship to stay a secret then that’s what you have to do.

Maintain Your Previous Relationship

"Keep a check on your previous relationships"

“Keep a check on your previous relationships”

When you’re not meeting in the supply closet to play sexy truth or dare you have to maintain the same relationship you had with your hookup before. If you two were flirty then you have to stay flirty. Over correcting and just ignoring each other in the workplace is the quickest way to get everyone to see that things have changed between you. If you were distant before, stay distant. If you were good friends then be sure to have the jokes why whenever you’re around each other.

Keep It Sex Only

Emotional affairs at the office never work out. They lead to breaking the rules, they lead to you being unsatisfied in your work life and home life, and they can cause messy break ups which can ruin careers. Keep your work place affair sex only and break it off with any woman not willing to agree to that. It sounds harsh but it’s better for you in the long run.

These rules will help you keep your employee/employee relationship under wraps. If you’re actually in an employee/employer relationship then a lot of them still apply, but you’re playing with fire. Even if you keep it sex only you’re going to have to deal with coworkers thinking that you’re getting or giving preferential treatment if it ever comes out. Employee/employee is frowned upon, but employee/employer is forbidden.


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