How to Hide the Fact That You’re Getting Some on the Side

Differences in a man’s behavior, is the key way that wives know that something has gotten into their husbands. This is simple, obvious information that means that most men refrain from what they consider to be the obvious signs of sneaking around. They don’t go shifty eyed every time their wife asks what they did at work today, and they don’t suddenly join a gym and begin dieting like crazy. What they do, however, might be the thing that gets them caught. To avoid your wife knowing that you’re getting sex somewhere else, follow this advice.

Keep Asking for Sex

"Always show that you are interested in her"

“Always show that you are interested in her”

The biggest thing that a wife will notice is if you just flat out don’t ask for sex anymore. She’s not going to think that you learned your lesson. If you were the type to ask every night no matter what then you have to keep asking every night no matter what. Don’t worry about not being able to perform; she’s not any more likely to say yes now than she was on any other night. If you think that she might accept, just pick a fight before bed. That will kill the mood and let you know that your advances will be rebuffed every time. If you stop asking for sex then she’s already going to know that you got it somewhere else before you got home.

Make Sure You Bring Your Cologne

Showering at your mistress’s place before you head home is a good idea. It gives your hair a chance to dry and helps you get over that “freshly showered” look that’s so obvious to women. However, the biggest thing that men overlook is bring their cologne with them. Your wife might not notice a new soap that you used, or if you accidentally grabbed your girlfriend’s shampoo instead of your own. She is going to notice that you left home with cologne on and came home without it. Since a good cologne wouldn’t just wear off she’s going to be suspicious. When you want to apply cologne so that you just have the trace of it left that you would have had at the end of the day simply apply the cologne to a rag first. One spray onto a rag held at arm’s length. Wave it around to get into your clothes and then pat it gently at the neck a few times. This will be enough to get the smell on you but not enough to make you drown in it. If you smell of fresh cologne when you get home your woman is going to be even more worried.

Don’t Let the Good Mood Get to You

Sex puts most men in a jolly frame of mind. As sad as it is, make an effort to can that feel good vibe when you’re around your wife. Spontaneous mood change definitely falls into the “suspicious” category of behaviors. Even if you’re kissing her on the cheek every five minutes and spoiling her with jokes and compliments she’s going to be very suspicious. It’s best to just let your good mood run its course where it can’t bring up her suspicious side.


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