How to Put Her Fears to Rest When She’s onto You

You know that your wife is onto you. She hasn’t caught you cheating yet, but she knows without proof or she suspects. You’ve broken off contact with your mistress until the coast is clear, but what else could you do to keep everything in line? Now that you know that your wife suspects there are a few things that you can do to keep her from fully realizing that she’s right, you have been seeing someone else.

Take the Time Still

You’ve told your mistress that you can’t meet up anymore for now. That’s a great first step, but where can you go from there? You now have all this extra time in your schedule. If you change your habits now your wife is going to want to know why they don’t need to stay late at the office anymore, and so on. She’s going to know that you’ve been cheating if you change your behavior. Take the time that you would have spent on your mistress and spend it on you. Do something that’s not terrible, but isn’t the kind of thing you’d tell your wife about. Spend the money you would have spent on dinner with her and lose it all playing poker with your friends, etc. Do this for a few weeks and make sure that your wife can find out where you’re going and when. This might irritate her, but it’s better that she think that you lose a little cash in friendly poker matches then that you’ve been cheating on her twice a week for a year.

Leave Your Browser Open on Purpose

"But clear your browsing history or create a fake one before letting her use"

“But clear your browsing history or create a fake one before letting her use”

Nothing will clear your name better than her being able to snoop and discovering nothing. While you’re at her computer or one that she regularly uses leave something open for her to snoop through. Whether this is your social media sites or your email depends on what you use the most and what she thinks that you use the most. Then just leave it open. On your tablet, on your smartphone, or on your desktop doesn’t matter. Leave it open where she can see it and have a good snoop around. Obviously, you should make sure that you’ve cleaned it out thoroughly before you allow her to deal with it, but it can’t look that way. Leave in a few emails from friends, or a half typed status update, or something that really makes her feel like she’s sneaking around. When she’s had a good poke through a sees that there’s nothing in there that she can be angry about she should settle down.

Trivialize Her Accusations

How you handle your wife flat out accusing you of cheating is up to you but a popular method is to trivialize it. If you make a great, hurt fuss about it she’s going to think that you’re covering for a guilty conscience. Don’t look angry, either, or that will be seen and guilt too. Trivialize her actions. Laugh at her, and she’ll see how absurd she’s really being. Point out how busy you are. Point out how dutiful you are. Point out how she really has nothing better to do with her time than inventing trouble. By the end she’ll see how as a hard working guy who keeps his head down and does the best he can.


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