Introducing Your Fling to Your Friends

If you’re sleeping with a woman that’s sexier than hell, it’s only natural to want to show her off to your friends. If you’re cheating on your wife with her, that’s another story. Yeah, it would be awesome to show off the gorgeous woman you’re banging on the side, but how do you know the guys won’t rat you out to your wife? If you’re dead set on introducing your fling to the rest of your social circle, you’ll have to do it carefully so you don’t get caught.

Sound Them Out

The best way to know if your friends will spill your dirty secret to your wife is to test them out beforehand. Mention cheating and see what their reaction is. If they look at you like you’re crazy, it’s a good idea not to tell them what you’re doing behind your wife’s back. If they seem indifferent, it’s your call whether or not to disclose your big secret. Keep in mind that the more people that now, the more likely it is that you’re going to get caught with your pants literally down.

Guys Gossip Too

"Stay aware of the fact that guys also gossip"

“Stay aware of the fact that guys also gossip”

Not as much as women do, but they do. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking about introducing your fling to your friends. If they wind up discussing it with mutual acquaintances, chances are good that it’ll get back to your wife. It’s better not to mention it at all if there’s any chance of this happening.

Ask Her about It

As much as you want to show her off to your friends, ask your fling first if she’s okay with it. She might prefer to keep your affair secret, in which case she won’t want to meet any of your friends or anyone who might know your wife. On the other hand, she might like being the center of attention (like most women) and want to meet everyone you know.

Confide and Reveal

Every guy has a bro that’s closer to them than other pals. If you think he won’t rat you out, tell him that you’re cheating. You can tell him all about your new woman, too. If he seems cool with it, introduce them to each other. He’ll keep your secret and you can hang with them both. Just remember you’re putting him in a bad spot if your wife starts to suspect and starts questioning him.

Choose Carefully

Remember that your friends talk to each other when you’re not around. If you decide to introduce your fling to a couple friends but not all, chances are that everyone’s going to find out anyway. Pick friends that you can trust not to start sharing your secret with everyone else.

Beware Your Friends’ Girlfriends

Women like to stick together. A lot of them like to be vindictive, too. If you start introducing your fling to all your friends, odds are good that they’ll go home and start talking about it with their girlfriends. Unlike your bros, their girlfriends are going to be highly judgemental. If any of them are friends with your wife, they’re going to let her know right away. Even if they’re not friends with her, they’ll probably tell your wife just to see you suffer.


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