Knowing When She’s Ready to Cheat

It’s not unusual for guys to lust after a woman in their social circle who’s dating or married to someone else. It’s also not unusual for guys to get involved with those women. If you’re in a relationship that’s a disaster, it’s only natural to look for another sexual outlet. If your sex life is dead and you feel like you’ve got nothing in common anymore with your current partner, don’t be surprised if you start noticing how attractive the ladies in your social circle are. Maybe there’s one that’s sexier than hell and maybe she flirts with you all the time even though she’s with someone else. If she’s giving you all the signs, you’ll know she’s ready to start hooking up with you. What you need to know is how to interpret those signs.

She Comes Up With Excuses to Be With You

If she’s starting inventing excuses to hang out with you, it’s a good sign that she’s interested in more than just your company. Anytime she bumps into you when you’re out in public with an excuse that’s not really believable, you know she just wants to be around you. If she does it more and more often, she’s starting to feel more than just a little attracted to you. Take her hint. She wants you, so go ahead get with that.

She Lies to Her Partner in Order to Spend Time with You

If the two of you have started hanging out way more than usual without your significant others, chances are good she’s ready to take it to the next level. You’ll know this is true if she starts lying to her boyfriend / spouse about where she is just to hang with you. This is where things can get messy though, particularly if you’re friends with her current partner. If you’re both lying in order to hang out together, make sure your lies aren’t similar and don’t place you together at the same time.

She Badmouths Your Partner

"She thinks she is better for you"

“She thinks she is better for you”

If you’re both attracted to each other, you’ve probably already started venting about your current relationships. If she starts pointing out the flaws in your girlfriend or wife, she’s showing you that she thinks she’s better for you than what you’ve already got. Maybe she is. There’s only one way you’re going to find out.

She Compares You to Her Partner

Anytime she makes comparisons between you and her boyfriend / husband it’s her way of pointing out that she thinks you’re better for her. Obviously this is only true if the comparisons put you in a good light. Take her up on her not-so-subtle suggestion and find out if you really are better than the guy she’s been sleeping with.

She Constantly Contacts You

If she’s always calling, texting, emailing, or messaging you online, it’s a clear indicator that she already considers you her next partner. If any of her texts or emails contain dirty messages or pictures, the time has come for you to make your move. You’ll never have a more obvious invitation.


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