Should You Cheat with Another Cheater?

When you’ve decided to look for a woman on the side there’s one question you should ask: are you going to let her know that she’s the other woman? If you think it’s a good idea to let her know (and for most long term dates it is the better idea, because you simply can’t keep up the weight of acting single) then question then becomes: should you cheat with a woman who’s cheating on her husband or boyfriend?

Pro: She Understands You

On the plus side a woman who’s cheating on her husband or boyfriend knows exactly what you’re going through. She knows what it’s like to be bored at home and just want a little something to spice up the night. She knows how a night on the town can make going back home to your real relationship even sweeter. She understands and she’s not going to be nagging at you to leave your wife and make your relationship with her legitimate. It’s obvious that you and she have your priorities aligned.

Con: She Belongs to Another Man

Not all men would care about this, but there’s a good portion who do. If you can’t stand the idea that your woman is with someone else on nights that she’s not with you then obviously a cheater is no goof for you. Men can get very territorial. The last thing you want is to be confronting the boyfriend or ex of your mistress because he decided to bootycall her. Honestly, your life is going to be a lot easier if you get nip this territorial thing in the bud. It’s a fair bet that any woman who’s content to just be a mistress is probably the mistress for more than one man. Be sure that you know her situation before you hookup with her for the first time. Afterwards is too late.

Pro: She Can’t Blackmail You

"If she tries, you know you can return the favor"

“If she tries, you know you can return the favor”

The major risk for anyone cheating is a bad break up. You dump her, she gets mad and tells your wife. Then you have no mistress and probably no wife either… unless you pay her a certain amount of money. You don’t have time or money to be threatened by a woman you used to date. If you want to be sure that the woman you’re seeing can’t turn against you then dating a cheater is perfect. If she tells your wife then you tell her husband. She’s just as guilty as you are so you know that her lips are sealed. Never again be afraid to breaking it off with a woman because you don’t know how far she’d go to get revenge.

Con: No Natural End Date

Most relationships with a woman who’s not cheating have a natural expiration date: when she finds a real boyfriend. This is someone who can be with her publically, shower her with money, time, and attention, and all the things that a married man simply can’t do without attracting his wife’s attention. However if you and the woman you’re seeing as both in comfortable, long term relationships there might be no end point in sight. Are you sure that you can put up with being in a relationship with the same mistress for a long time? If you started cheating for the variety then dating a married woman is a strange way to get it.


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