Signs That Will Show That You’re Married–Even When the Ring’s Off

When you’re trying to get laid as a married guy, you already have to hide your ring to keep your status to “single”. Once you’ve gotten it off you might think that you’re in the clear, but actually you still look like a married guy. Without you even knowing it, you’re giving off signals that you’re firmly taken. Whether you’ve been married for years or months, there are some things you do that will be like a beacon driving away all of those hotties you’re trying to get at.

You’re Like Spiderman

Spiderman is known for having his spider senses. When you’re with a woman flirting all night you’ll be able to pick up on signals that other guys can’t. You might be able to tell when she’s upset or hungry, or maybe even that her shoes are uncomfortable. With all of your intent, you might use these married-senses to impress her by showing off how attentive you are. The downside is that most men aren’t like this. Sure, it might work at first, but eventually she’ll realize what’s going on and start asking questions.

Lady Things Don’t Gross You Out

“Tell her that it doesn’t matter to you”

Once you start seeing her on and off you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. She thinks you’re amazing and you’re having regular sex. But as you start talking more and banging less, you’ll let out another big clue: lady things don’t gross you out. Pads, tampons, bleeding crotches, and dirty underwear don’t mean a damned thing to you. It doesn’t matter how many women you’ve slept with as a single guy, you’re still not comfortable with the byproducts of the lady version of the nether regions. She’ll notice something is up when she bleeds on the bed after a night of awesome sex and you just help clean it up. Yes, at first you’ll seem very sweet, but then she’ll wonder why you’re not freaking out.

You Brought Your Weird Friend

“Being with a wingman”

Chances are if you’re bringing a wing man to the bar as a married guy it’s not going to be the one who’s your true wing man. He would judge you for cheating on your wife. O instead you have to go to Steve, the creepy guy from your office building who’s been trying to be your friend for months. You’d never go out on the town with him in real life, but when you don’t want to look like a creeper at the bar you’ve got to bring someone with you. Little did you know when you go off to the bathroom he’s staying behind hitting on your new prospect. She doesn’t like it and you won’t get laid thanks to your weird wing man. If you seem like a pretty good guy until she meets him, then she’s going to wonder what’s going on with this matchup.

It’s not your fault that you give off these signals, but the more you realize what you’re doing the better you can try to cover them up.


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