Sleeping With Your Wife’s Sister

If your marriage has stalled in the sex department, it’s completely normal to start imagining what it would be like to have sex with other women. You can’t control who you’re attracted to. More often than you’d think, guys in troubled marriages can find themselves interested in their spouse’s sister (if she has one). If you’ve always thought the sister was hot, that feeling might intensify because you’re not getting any at home. What happens next depends entirely on whether or not she’s willing to sleep with you. If she’s not, that’s fine. If she is, you’re going to have to be all kinds of sneaky to pull it off.

Make Sure It’s for Sex and Only Sex

"Don't get emotionally attached"

“Don’t get emotionally attached”

Before you get naked with your wife’s sister, make sure she’s not doing this because she’s secretly in love with you. If you start having sex with her and there are feelings involved, it can go from being messy to a total disaster. The best way to do this is just to ask. If she only wants sex too, that’s good news for you. However, if she’s doing this because she’s always liked you or because she just wants to get back at her sister, chances are that this is going to come back in bite you in the ass.

Be Discreet

This should be a no-brainer. Unless you want your wife to find out you’re banging her sister, you need to be as discreet as possible. This means hooking up someplace where the chances of either of you being identified is low. It also means keeping your affair to yourselves. As tempting as it is to brag to friends, keep it quiet. Guys can gossip, too, and your friends won’t keep something like this a secret for long. Come up with excuses that never place you in the same place together. The easiest way to do this is to plot out your excuses together so that you’re always in different places when you’re talking to your wife.

Don’t Vent

"Keep your frustrations to yourself"

“Keep your frustrations to yourself”

If your marriage is in a tough spot, it’s tempting to vent to whoever’s close to you. Don’t do this. Keep your frustrations to yourself. Spilling your problems to the sister is dangerous, because there’s always the risk she’ll run to her sister and rat you out. You’re sleeping with her because you’re not getting any at home. Unless things are so bad that you and your wife hate each other, you’re not looking for a romantic replacement.

Don’t Make Comparisons

It can be easy to compare the sister to your wife, especially if things with your wife are a little rocky. This is a bad idea. If you say these comparisons out loud and they put the sister in a good light, she might start getting the wrong idea. The last thing you want is her falling for you, because then she’ll start thinking you might leave your wife for her. Whatever comparisons may occur to you while you’re having this affair, keep them to yourself. The less you say that might be misleading or be misunderstood, the better for you both.


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