Spotting a Woman That’s Willing to Cheat With a Married Man

Not every woman is going to want to hook up with a guy that’s married. In fact, most of them will avoid that kind of situation. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a woman that’s willing to get with you even though you’re married. It does mean that finding the right one might take a little work. You just have to know what to look for.

She Flirts

The kind of flirting you need to be on the lookout for is the kind that’s meant for anyone with a dick. If you’re looking to have a quick and dirty affair, don’t be picky about what kind of woman you’re hooking up with. Women that flirt with every guy in hopes of getting laid are just what you want. So if you’re out at the bar or a party and there’s one that’s making it apparent that she wants to get laid and doesn’t care who she does it with, take her up on the offer.

She Notices Your Ring or Ring Tan and Doesn’t Care

Obviously, if she notices this and proceeds to try and seduce you, she’s not big on morals. If you’re okay with that, you’re not big on them either. So if the ring or ring tan is no big deal, you’ve found your fling for the night.

She Doesn’t Ask

"She hardly cares about you"

“She hardly cares about you”

A woman who hones in on you and never asks if you’re involved with anyone else is only looking for one thing. She doesn’t care about any attachments you have because she’s only out to get laid. It’s an awesome coincidence that you’re basically looking for the exact same thing. If she doesn’t want to know, don’t tell her. Just take her up on what she’s offering.

She’s Married Too

If a woman that’s sexier than hell is all over you and she’s wearing a ring too, it’s good news for you. Maybe she’s in the same situation you are. Maybe she’s not getting what she needs from her husband. Maybe she’s just a sex fiend. Either way, if she’s wearing a wedding ring but is flirting hard with you, you’re going to get what you want. Don’t ask about her husband. Don’t ask what’s wrong in her marriage. Just leave with her and go someplace where the two of you can get your freak on.

She Gives You an Out

If she knows you’re married but is still interested in you, she’s what you want. The same goes if she’s propositioned you but given you an out. She understands that cheating on your wife isn’t necessarily the best decision you could make and wants you to know that you can bail anytime with no hard feelings on her end. This kind of woman is perfect for having a fling. She’s not judging you and she has no expectations. She’s willing to have sex with you because you both need it, but understands that maybe it’s a decision you shouldn’t make. If you do back out, ask her if she’d be interested in hooking up another time.


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