Talking to Your Fling on the Phone When Your Wife is Nearby

“Be careful, she might be listening”

Many times, men who cheat end up getting caught by their wives because they make their wives suspicious. When it comes to talking on the phone with your fling, decrease your chances of your wife finding out whom you’re talking to by not being too obvious about it.

Don’t Leave the Room

The biggest mistake a man can make when he’s talking to his fling on the phone and his wife walks in is to leave out of the room. It is the most suspicious thing you can ever do. When your wife sees that you are talking on the phone, she is already curious about who you are speaking with. When you leave out of the room, it gives her even more of a reason to be suspicious. Women think that when a man leaves out of the room to have a conversation, it is because he is talking to another woman. The bad part about that is that most of the time, he is.

Instead of rushing to excuse yourself when you are speaking to your fling, you should keep the conversation going. However, you will need to make your tone sound like you are talking to one of your friends. Keep in mind that this only works when your fling knows that you are married and is OK with dating a married man. When she says something like, “I really want to see you,” you should respond with, “Why don’t you just tell her that you miss her?” When you use these types of responses, your wife will think you are talking to one of your male friends and are trying to help them out with their relationship troubles. Your fling will know what your real meaning is, and she may even be amused at your attempt to keeping talking to her even when your wife is around.

Don’t Use Short and Simple Responses

“Don’t give her a reason to suspect”

Another thing that men tend to do when talking on the phone with their fling while their wives are around is to talk in short and simple sentences. This is yet another red flag for your wife. If she knows that you typically are a man of many words and you suddenly go from speaking in long paragraphs to using one-word answers, she will probably think you are talking to another woman.

When you use these short sentences, all it does it make your wife pay even more attention to you and the things that you are saying. Don’t be surprised if you catch her eye and she is looking at you in a way that tells you that she is going to want to have a talk with you when you get off the phone. She may even try to talk to you while you’re on the phone. If she does, it’s a sign that she’s onto you.

Talking to your fling on the phone while your wife is nearby can be scary. It can also be pretty thrilling and fun. If you’re going to do it, make sure you aren’t obvious about who you’re talking to and your wife will never know.


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