Three One Hour Dates for Your Lunch Break

Lunch break dates can be hard. If you’re not looking to hook up during your lunch hour (and it’s not really a good time; there’s barely enough time to get something fun done, yet alone all the things you want to do to your sexy mistress) then you can still lay the groundwork for getting laid later. A good, fun “date” at lunch will make her more receptive to moving directly into the fun stuff when you have time for all that. Here are three fun one hour dates that will let you have a blast and still get back in time to punch that time card.

Picnic in the Park

"It will be close to nature"

“It will be close to nature”

This is a classic, basic date that most people don’t think of. Unless there’s absolutely nothing green nearby you can have this date almost anywhere. The park could be a park, a field, a garden planter, or a single tree. All you have to do is treat it like it’s really a picnic. Bring the kinds of finger foods and little sandwiches you’d see at a picnic. Microwave up some hot dogs before you leave the office and take them up to the roof to put on condiments and eat them. Recreating a park at a simple garden planter can be so silly that it will loosen her up and give you the emotional currency you need with a woman to get her to do what you want later. Women love the whimsical.

A Television Episode in Your Car

"Spend some time in your car and watch an episode"

“Spend some time in your car and watch an episode”

You don’t have time for dinner and a movie, so what about lunch and a television show? With tablet computes, smartphones, and small, easy to carry laptops it’s now easier to access television than ever before. You can sneak into the backseat of your car and pretend you’re in a theater, or else set the tablet on the dashboard to get a better view. A one hour lunch break is pretty much perfect to watch a show without commercial breaks if you’re brisk. You don’t have to waste a lot of time and you can watch that 50 minute episode with five minutes on either side to walk to and from the office. If the car doesn’t work, see if you can snag a small conference room for the same purpose. This will be conspicuous, though, so make sure that everyone knows it’s an open part. You might not be able to enjoy each other’s company alone but you can still enjoy each other’s company.

Slip into a Burger Bar

Bars tend to have good, greasy food and fast service. For the occasional treat consider taking your honey out for a hurried meal at a bar. You can watch sports, trade greasy indulgences, and just enjoy each other’s company out. Few restaurants have fast enough service to make a lunch break worth it but a good bar is definitely one of the few. Just don’t make it too often if you want to keep that figure that got you a mistress as well as a wife.


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