Using Her Unhappy Marriage to Your Advantage

While some might say that there’s nothing worse than watching a marriage fall apart, these unhappy relationships can be a gold mine for those who know how to use the situation to their advantage. If you’re looking to score a quick hookup, put the whole sanctity of marriage thing to the side and read on to see how you can make the most out of love on the rocks.

Do Your Homework

“Learn whatever you can about her”

If you want to get close enough to get between the sheets, you’re going to have to do your homework while getting to know her. This means learning what TV shows she watches, where she likes to go to hang out and if possible, the dirty details of why she and the hubby are on the outs. Naturally, if you already know her, this is easy. If you’re just sitting down to chat, don’t forget that women love a good listener. As long as you nod, smile, and seem sympathetic, she won’t be able to stop herself from spilling the beans and filling you in on all the details.

From here, it’s all about letting the conversation steer itself toward happier thoughts, namely what’ll happen once you two head back to your place. While sitting around talking about feelings isn’t exactly riveting, the payoff is well worth your time and effort when the chatting stops and the lights go down.

Cover Your Tracks

After you’ve done the deed, don’t get too comfortable. Remember that there’s a disgruntled husband out there somewhere that was sitting home alone while you got to know his wife in a way he’s surely not thrilled about, so sticking around for too long, or getting too close to your latest one night stand could spell trouble in a big way. Deleting your text, calls, and anything else that links you to your new friend with benefits might seem a little on the crazy side, but keeping things on the down low is the best way to avoid all the drama and other crap that comes with stepping on another guy’s territory.

Know When It’s Time to Go

“Find someone new”

Having a little fun on the side is always a good thing, especially if getting to the red zone’s even easier because she’s in the middle of an unhappy marriage. However, this isn’t a lasting deal. Eventually she’s going to want to get back with her husband or shack up with you permanently. If she does go back to the jilted hubby and everything is sunshine in rainbows between the two of them, it’s time to hit the road and find a new scene.

Depending on what you think about her leaving him to get with you for good, the second option is a little trickier to handle. It’s your call on whether or not she’s the one; just don’t forget that she jumped ship for you when things got tough. If you want to keep playing the scene and she comes on strong with this kind of talk, just let her know you’re not looking for that kind of commitment and cut the ties. Even if she says she’s okay with keeping things the way they are, you can bet that you’re better off moving on.


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