Ways to Forget You’re Married for One Night

Every married guy thinks about cheating at one point or another. Even in the happiest marriage, it’s normal to wonder what it would be like if you were still single. Most guys don’t act on this unless things are really bad. If your marriage is on the rocks, you’ve probably found yourself thinking more and more about what you’d do if you weren’t married. If your relationship problems keep heading downhill, at some point you might decide to try and pretend that you’re single for just one night to see what kind of crazy shit might happen.

Take Off the Ring

"The ring reminds you that you are married"

“The ring reminds you that you are married”

A wedding band is a constant reminder that you’re tied to someone else. If you wear it all the time it’s going to feel weird to be without it, which is only going to keep reminding you that you’re married. So if things between you and your wife are bad, start taking it off regularly. Get used to not wearing it. Once you’re at the point where you don’t even notice if it’s off or on, you’re good to go.

Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing This

You’re planning on hooking up with a woman that’s not your wife because your marriage isn’t happy. Keep reminding yourself about that. It’ll be easier if you and your wife can’t stand each other anymore. It’ll be really easy if she’s done something like cheat on you. Regardless the reason you’re not happy, keep it in mind so that you have something to fuel your decision.

Remember What It Was Like Before

It’ll be easier to forget you’re married for a night if you start remembering the way
you were before you got hitched. If you were all about partying back in the day, try to get back into that groove. If you dated a lot before you met your wife, fall back on the way you used to act then.

Go Out With Friends

"Chill out with friends"

“Chill out with friends”

Going out with a group of your friends can make it easier for you to forget that you’re currently in marriage hell. If you all go out drinking, you can focus on what makes you feel good. Finding sexy ladies that are willing to get with you for a night will be easier if you’re genuinely enjoying yourself. Confide in your friends beforehand. Chances are they’ll already know that things aren’t good between you and your wife. If you’re that miserable they’ll want you to have a good time.


Alcohol has its uses. Forgetting things you don’t want to remember is one of them. If you want to party for one night and end up going home with a woman that’s unbelievably hot, you’ll be able to do it easier if you’re in a feel good drunk state. Just don’t get blackout drunk, because then you won’t be able to remember what you’re doing. Avoid too much alcohol if you’re an emotional drunk. You’ll wind up feeling sorry for yourself and bumming out everyone around you. If that’s the case, drink to the point of a buzz and leave it at that.


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