Ways to Lead Your Fling On

Most of the time, you’re probably worried about keeping your action on the side a secret from your wife. But what about the other woman? If she doesn’t know the real scoop on your marriage and definitely wouldn’t be cool with it, she can be just as paranoid and nosy when it comes to you keeping things under control and going well. To avoid any nasty mix-ups between your fling and your home life, follow a few simple tips that’ll keep things separate and let you continue enjoying the best of both worlds.

Ditch the Ring and the Wallet Pics

“It’s better to hide your married evidence”

Start by cutting out all the obvious signs that there’s more to you than just getting together a couple times a week and hitting the sack. This means leaving the wedding ring and anything in your wallet that can give you away. Think pics of the kids or that photo of you on your wedding day with your wife that are in the car or at home. If she ever asks about these kind of things just play it cool and don’t commit to any details. While coming clean might seem like a great idea after a long night together, you really don’t want to deal with all of that when she blows her lid and sends you packing.

The Phone Goes, Too

“Remember, your phone may tell her what you are trying to hide”

Even more important is your cell phone. There’s no bigger giveaway that you might be bending the truth a little than a phone full of messages and calls from that contact labeled “Wifey.” Either keep your phone locked and don’t share your password (which can make her even more suspicious) or pick up a cheap pay-as-you-go cell. This way, you can leave your real phone in the car and have no problems letting her look through your contacts and messages when she asks-and don’t worry, she will. For the guys out there that want to go the extra mile, add in a bunch of extra contacts and fake numbers so that when she checks you don’t have to deal with explaining why she’s the only contact in your phone.

Always Meet at Her Place or a Hotel

This is where things get a little tricky. Unless you’ve got a bankroll like Trump, having a second apartment or condo to hook up at just isn’t part of the plan. If possible, try and always meet at her place. While she might start asking questions, come up with a story about your roommate being a real jerk (which might not be too far from the truth) or your place being a dump. Sure, it might not be the real story and it definitely doesn’t paint you in the best light, but it’s better than having to give up a regular deal on the side just because she wants to see your pad.

Keep Your Story Straight

Above all us, the biggest way to keep things nice and tidy with your fling is to keep your stories straight. Nothing says “you’re my girl on the side” more than telling her you need to be out of town for business on the weekend, only to drunk dial her from the club with your bros in the background that Saturday night. Keeping it simple can help you keep things straight, so try not to get too out there when you start piling on the lies.


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