A Few Aces in the Hole: Our Married Dating Tactics Will Get You Success With Married Women and Keep Your Secrets Safe

Every man has secrets, and every married man has more than most. We know the truth: you’re not out to make your wife miserable. Most married men who cheat on their wives are actually loving, devoted husbands who are just looking for a little something different.

You’re just looking for something she can’t provide.

Far be it from us to judge a man for doing what he has to for his own mental health. Instead of judging you, we’ll give you our tactics and strategies to help you have a married fling. Follow our weekly update blog for even more advice.

You want to be secret and safe, and that’s what we’ll help you do. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start. Everyone starts like that at first, and eventually all of this will become second nature. Until then, fortunately for you, we’ve put together several guides for how you need to behave with regards to the women you’ll meet.

Don’t worry about standing out on crowded fling sites.

We have every guide you need to make sure you’re sending the right messages. By reading our guides, you’ll put yourself ahead of the rest of the pack in no time at all.

We have everything you need to know, from first picking a website to what to do when the fling goes sour. If there’s something about married dating we don’t know, it probably doesn’t matter.

If you want to have success with married women, you need to look at your approach. You want to be the bloke at the head of the pack, not the one begging for scraps.

Here are our favorite tips and tricks to having success with married girls, and for keeping yourself secret and safe while you do so:

Make It (and Her) Your Best Kept Secret

Make sure you’re not giving away the game by spilling the beans. This guide will show you how to prevent anyone from finding out about your precious little secret while you have your fun.

Flings Can Save a Marriage, and Make a Good One Even Better

News flash: extracurricular activities are not the worst thing to ever happen to your marriage. Come see how many times, you can actually improve your marriage by taking a step back.

The Three Golden Rules of Flings (and When You Should Break Them)

Yes, flings come with rules. If you’re not ready to learn them, you’re not ready to have a fling. Here are the three things you need to remember at all times, even when you’re breaking them.

Why Safety Should Come First, for You and Her

Contrary to how it feels, getting your rocks off is not the most important thing in the world. We’ll detail why keeping safe is of paramount importance, for your lady and for you.

I Spy With My Little Eye: A Great Married Fling Site

How can you tell if a married fling site is good or bad? We’ll show you the telltale signs of a fantastic site so you never get suckered in by some asshole with $20 and a domain name.

I Spy With My Little Sniper Scope: A Worthless Waste of a Website

Spotting a good site is all well and good. Spotting a scam before you get suckered is much better. We’ll show you the ins and outs of finding a complete scam.

How to Get a Woman to Respond to Your Messages

The best profile in the world won’t help you if you can’t get a woman to email you back. This guide will lay out exactly how to get that first message back.

Why Long-Distance Relationships Will Keep You Secret, Longer

Long-distance is just for college kids, right? Wrong. Learn how you can make the kilometers work in your favor instead of against you, and why it’s better than some bird around the corner.

Covering Your Tracks, and Making Your Responsibilities Work for You

When you have a lot to juggle, adding a girl on the side sounds like far too much work. Fortunately, you can make your full calendar your advantage, if you follow our rules.

Damage Control: How to Handle Breaches of Privacy

Things go wrong at the best of times. In this guide, we’ll show you how to handle it when things go as bad as they could possibly go.

The Wrecking Crew: When to Break it Off, and How to Do It

She’s your fling, not your wife. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t end it gracefully when it’s time to go your separate ways. This guide will show you how to break it off without being terrible.


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Our Top Picks for Married Flings

#1 Website: EroticAds
#2 Website: AffairsClub
#3 Website: AshleyMadison
#4 Website: NoStringsAttached
#5 Website: MarriedDateLink


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