The Wrecking Crew: When to Break it Off, and How to Do It

Flings are not forever. They’re transient and elusory, and they’re designed to only last a brief season. That’s one of the best things about them, and why they’re so important.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds.

If it were always simple to keep flings short, many divorce lawyers would be out of their jobs. The problem is that many men don’t know the signs a fling is over…or should be over.

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Even on the top married fling sites, you’re going to find women who aren’t really looking for flings. They want a relationship, whether they know it or not, and you’re the unlucky one they’ve found to pin their hopes and dreams of romance on.

Clinginess is the absolute worst warning siren you can possibly hear from your fling.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell when a woman starts to get attached. Usually, there are no warning signs, until you suddenly realize everything has gone south.

One warning sign is that the woman you’re seeing starts talking about leaving her husband for you. She should never be saying this, not to a guy that she met on a free married fling site.

If she just says things like, “I wish my husband was more like you,” or “I wish I’d married a guy like you instead,” those are not the same warning signs. If she’s still just saying “I wish” or “it would be nice,” that’s probably fine. Unless it’s something like “I wish you’d take me away from all this, which is a clear warning sign.

Don’t be flattered by her attraction.

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Any time you find yourself considering it, remember how much you have to lose. Your entire life could be on the line, whether literally or figuratively, if you get found out.

If she starts talking like this, just break it off with her. It sounds harsh, but flings are supposed to be short. Don’t do anything like give bad ratings to a married fling site if the woman turns out to be clingy, but don’t stay with her after that, either.

You owe her very little.

The woman you met on a British married fling site doesn’t own your time. If you’re not having fun, it’s time to move on, before you really start to resent this lady.

Besides, in the end, she’ll thank you for it. She’ll probably want to move on as well, so don’t keep things going when neither of you are happy with the current situation.

Flings should make you happy.

If you’re not entertained anymore, it’s time for a new fling. If she’s annoying you, break up with her. If she’s boring and you could get better head from your wife at home, go home to your wife.

Say your farewells and move on. This was always meant to be temporary, and you can always find more where she came from, to be entirely callous about the whole thing.

Move on, and look for more great married fling site reviews. Let no moss grow.


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