Why Long-Distance Relationships Will Keep You Secret, Longer

The more immediate benefits of a fling within driving distance are obvious. For that reason, you will find that most men do prefer to keep their flings close to home.

This may be a mistake.

Yes, there are advantages. When you hook up with the girl next door, you have someone nearby to have fun with any evening. You have the opportunity to schedule sexual encounters at a moment’s notice, something that cannot be overvalued.

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We’re not saying that it’s never great to hook up with a woman that’s nearby. Obviously, there are myriad advantages, and they can truly work in your favor frequently.

The disadvantages may be larger in the long run.

A fling with a woman in the same general geographic area as you may be much more dangerous in the long run. After all, you’re far more likely to know the same people if you’re only dating women within a stone’s throw from your own front door.

This can lead to potentially embarrassing, awkward, humiliating, and even dangerous moments. If a mutual friend or even acquaintance stumbles upon the two of you together, you’ll have the devil of a time explaining why you’re out and about without your spouses.

Danger isn’t as exciting as it seems.

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Even if this person never tells, the added stress of running into someone, whether you ever do or not, can kill the romance. Danger only makes things more exciting in films. Try having a full-scale panic attack during a date and see if that does anything for the atmosphere.

In real life, it’s far more important to avoid situations that can end badly for both of you. If you must see someone in your close proximity, make an effort not to stay in the same town when you meet up. Never go to a place you frequent with your wife, or she does with her husband: a waiter saying, “Ah, this man was in here last week with a different lady” can lead to many awkward questions and awkward divorces.

Distance can help keep the magic alive.

First of all, this is not your university long-distance relationship. The two of you are not starstruck lovers who need to see each other every day in order to survive.

You’re adults with responsibilities, and you wouldn’t be able to meet each other every day even if you were in the same town. That mentality will kill any successful married dating tactics you might try.

You want this girl to stay interested in you.

Not being hovering around, being obnoxious will be a good way to keep this woman wanting to come back for more. After all, if she’s seeing you whenever she wants, there’s nothing to yearn after.

It’s better, in the long run, to let absence make the heart grow fonder. It’s one of the best ways to make sure she stays interested in you, and not in looking up reviews of married fling sites on her lunch break at work.

If you can find a great married lady to hook up with half a country away, all the better! At least you won’t get sick of each others’ company any time soon, and you can stay the elusive, exciting romance that neither of you are getting in real life.


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