Covering Your Tracks, and Making Your Responsibilities Work for You

We’ve talked to dozens of men who think that they don’t have time to have a married fling. We have to say, even if we can understand their reasoning, they’re completely off-base.

Your job can help you have a married fling.

Your responsibilities at work don’t have to keep you from your extracurricular activities. If anything, when you work long hours, especially in an office or similar situation, you’ll be more likely to have the opportunities to hide the tracks of your affair.

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Yes, you’ll have less time to actually spend with the lady of your dreams. But if you can easily hide your affair in your office hours, you’ll be far more equipped to have more affairs total through the years of your married life, as long as you play your cards right.

Make the most of business trips.

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There’s a reason the idea of a businessman on a trip is almost synonymous with “having an extramarital.” Don’t worry about this stereotype, because it will work to your advantage.

Business trips are a perfectly legitimate use of your time. You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your wife alone, and you don’t have to come up with a story for her.

After all, you’re on business. If you’re actually on a business trip, that’s perfect. You can always get around in the evenings in whatever city they’ve put you up in for your work.

If not, turn a regular weekend into a “business trip.” Unless your wife knows your co-workers or is especially nosy, go ahead and take a day or two of vacation time.

Stuff your briefcase full of special treats for your fling. Lock your briefcase while you’re at home, obviously, and don’t forget that you’re not allowed to bring large amounts of liquid on any flight, but other than that, feel free to go at least a little wild.

Use your actual downtime at the office to your advantage, as well.

When you’re at home, your wife will likely notice if you’re sending off a lot of texts and emails. She may get so curious that she goes looking, which is never what you want.

She’ll also probably notice if you’re taking a lot of time alone in the bedroom, or if you’re bringing your phone into the bathroom (unless that’s been usual behavior for you for a while now), so take advantage of your office time.

This is a great time to send off texts and messages to any fling, which will go a great way towards helping you have success with married women. They want to hear from you frequently, so keep that lady happy.

Don’t use company equipment.

If you want to be given a stern talking-to by your supervisor, using sites that will help you have a married fling at work is a sure thing. If you want to stay under the radar, just finish your work quickly before you start sending her messages on your personal device.

Company time can work to your advantage, if you know how to maximize it. Just don’t worry about how many hours you have to put in-you might wind up bringing home a lot more bacon.


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