I Spy With My Little Sniper Scope: A Worthless Waste of a Website

It is certainly optimistic to hope that every site will have at least a few interested ladies on it that will suit your needs. After all, they need the same things as men, so they should become members of just about any married dating site around, one would thing.

Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come” only works in baseball movies. It certainly doesn’t apply to married fling sites, though many creators of these sites seem to think it does.

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All sites are not created equal.

Just like a good site will advertise to both men and women, a bad site will not be shy about plastering flashing ladyparts all over the page to get men to sign up immediately.

The people behind scam sites know that it’s much easier to get men to spend money for sex than it is to get women to do the same. That’s why they don’t bother advertising to both genders if the site is really a scam-they know that men are more gullible than women.

A good site will fight this trend.

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It’s a good idea to do a little research, and look at married fling site reviews before you sign up for anything. However, even if the site’s membership is a little lopsided, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s nothing on the site that’s worth saving.

Like we said, it’s much, much easier to get men to sign up for a site than it is to get women to sign up. A good site will fight this, and will pad out its numbers by offering incentives to women and advertising to them.

Bad sites have different tactics.

If you see a lot of fake profiles, you’re probably on a useless scam site. That’s one way bad sites pretend they have a lot more women than they do, which is an easy way to tell a site is trash.

Another thing is that they won’t be nearly as vigilant about stamping out female scam artists. After all, that still gives their numbers a boost, so why should they try?

Because of this, bad sites will be chock full of cam girls selling their time on another site. They’ll also have a high percentage of escorts and hookers looking to sell flings to the highest bidder.

A bad site will not respect your information.

One of the married fling site tests that bad sites always fail is the trustworthiness test. If a site isn’t truly in business to succeed, it won’t bother trying to keep your trust.

This can mean your credit card can be compromised. You’ll find charges you didn’t authorize, and you might have to file with your credit card company in order to have them reversed.

A fling site is a business.

Any good fling site will act like it, and treat you like the valued customer you are. T&A does not bring ladies, and good sites won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes.

Look for sites that behave like they’re supposed to, and you won’t have any trouble being a customer. The best sites make it easy to love everything they do for you.


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