Review: It’s Awful, Doesn’t Work, and Never Will At All

We really can’t even believe that sites like are still up and running. This whole site really seems to be a ghost town, and they take themselves so seriously. It’s hilariously bad. This site really does think that it’s awesome, and we think that’s hilarious. It’s completely and utterly empty, but they certainly do love lying about the numbers on the site. During our Infidelities review, we found ourselves picking through nothing but dead profiles. Some of these profiles have obviously been taken over by scammers. This means that there’s really nowhere safe on this site, no matter if it looks dead as a doornail. You’ll be hating yourself while you try to wade through this kind of thing. We certainly did. Our Infidelities rating was a very frustrating experience in general because of all of this. Trying to find real women on this site just isn’t going to happen, and we gave up trying. We’re certain that most others have given up as well. There’s just no chance to really meet anyone on here, and that means that everyone else has left as well, thank god. This is why we were ultimately really glad when our Infidelities rating was over and done with. This whole site was just… Review: This Site Doesn’t Work, and We Aren’t Surprised

Here’s the thing about there aren’t any lonely housewives here. There’s nothing here but a ton of scams, and one hell of a lot of fake boobs. It’s a pathetic site. Sites that just cover themselves in boobs and butts, again, have no real hope of ever bringing ladies in. There’s nothing else to do but just admit that, plain and simple. During our LonelyHousewives review, we really had a hard time finding a single real woman on here. Most of them just ended up being cam girls or escorts in general. This kind of environment just makes us pull our hair out. There’s no way you’ll actually get a fling on a site like this, and that’s why our LonelyHousewives rating was such a bust. We hated it. We honestly can’t imagine ever really trying to use this site successfully. There’s nothing on this site except for a lot of cam girls and fakes, which doesn’t mean flings. That kind of thing is something a lot of men seem to forget. Just because there are pics of women doesn’t mean there are real women on here, and that’s something to remember. Ultimately, our LonelyHousewives rating was annoying and frustrating. This site just has no hope attached to it,… Review: It Won’t Work, It Refuses to Work, and It’s Bad

Sites like really aren’t elite at all. They’re actually just covered in fakes, and that spells disaster for anyone that actually thinks this site is worth anything at all. Trust us, it’s not. A site like this one is nothing but a disaster area. It’s full of cam girls and escorts, none of which are going to date you, let alone have a full-blown fling with you in the future. That’s what we figured out very quickly during our EliteFling review. This whole site is nothing but a big waste land of fakes, and that doesn’t take rocket science to figure out. The thing is, a lot of the fakes use the same profile picture. It makes them very easy to pick out more often than not, and that’s the only good thing we can say about them. It’s just annoying. During our EliteFling rating, we really just found ourselves frustrated with this site. It’s just so full of fakes that trying to wade through this site and find real ladies is impossible. They just don’t come to this site, and can you blame them? There’s nothing for them to do here, and that means that there’s no chance they’ll bother joining up at all. Skip sites that really… Review: It’s Awful, and Why You Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Sites like just have no merit, and they really aren’t discreet at all. It only took us a few minutes into our MarriedCafe review to end up finding private investigators. It’s just not safe. Sites that really don’t even try to keep themselves safe and secure aren’t worth your time. That’s definitely the case with this one, and we figured that out early in our MarriedCafe rating. This sort of thing is really the bane of our existence. That kind of lack of safety and protocol to protect you is one of the worst things out there, and it’s just going to end with you getting scammed. That isn’t the only thing that will happen here. You’ll end up getting caught, and that’s something that will happen really quickly with all the private investigators running around. It’s just not good. Whenever you have a site like that, there’s honestly no hope for it. It’s not going to get better, especially when the admins just don’t seem to give a damn about it at all. That’s something we figured out very quickly during our MarriedCafe rating. The admins here have left the building, which means your safety is compromised even more. That kind of environment isn’t something that you ever… Review: We Hate it, Surprise, And It’s Awful

Sites like are really just eye-roll worthy. There’s nothing about this site that really does anything for you, unless you’re looking for scams. We aren’t. We’re looking for actual flings, and it really didn’t take long into our ForbiddenFruitDating review to figure out that this whole site was just a wasted time for that. There aren’t any real women on this site. The idea that anyone can actually get laid here and have a fun fling is really laughable, because this site is so dead it’s not even funny. During our ForbiddenFruitDating rating, we really found ourselves having to dig to even find women that looked remotely real. They probably weren’t, which was sad. If they were, they left. The thing you really need to understand about this site is that it’s just completely and utterly dead. We’re not sure when they started leaving it alone, but they definitely did at one point. People just left and turned this site into a total ghost town. It’s not a surprise to us, considering how crappily made this site is, but still, it’s annoying to try and use it. There’s no point to it, and that’s why we were glad to be done with it and glad to leave while we… Review: It Doesn’t Work, Surprise, Surprise To Everyone

We really just have to shake our heads at sites like If they think they’re being discreet, they’re incredibly wrong. Just take a glance at the name. It’s just stupid. Anyone that thinks they can use a site that’s this blatant and not get caught is an idiot. We feel bad for them, of course, but that doesn’t change the obvious fact of what they’re wasting their time on. During our MaritalAffair review, we really just ended up having to dig to try and find women. That’s not something that’s going to happen, of course, but we still did try. Our MartialAffair rating really ended up plummeting the moment that we started finding private investigators. That’s the kiss of death on any site, and they’re here in spades. The site really is dead. Sites that really just don’t care about their customers end up like this sooner rather than later. Our MaritalAffair rating really did end up proving this for us without a doubt. The only active ‘members’ of this site nowadays seem to be scammers, which is really less than good. We weren’t impressed by that, especially because the site doesn’t care. This site is just dead in the water, and we’re not even really sure why it’s… Review: It’s Horrible, And There’s No Turning Back

Sites like is one site that just makes us roll our eyes. This whole site is nothing but a waste of time, and that’s because it’s empty and dead. There’s no hope on it. This is one site that has given up a long time ago, and we figured that out within minutes of our CheatedAndLooking review. Seriously, who wouldn’t with a name like that? Obviously, they aren’t attracting any members. Not men, not women, not anyone–just a bunch of scam bots, because even the cam girls know it’s not active enough. That kind of site really just spells disaster in every single way, and that’s a fact. That’s why our CheatedAndLooking rating was so frustrating to complete for us overall. It doesn’t get better. We really can’t imagine this site ever turning over a new leaf and trying to improve. It’s just not going to happen, and we’re pretty damn sure of that from our CheatedAndLooking rating. This whole site is really annoying to use on top of that. Sometimes, all the images are broken, and trying to get it to load is something of an act of congress overall. This whole site is a waste of time, and we’re sure of that. There’s no way you can… Review: It Doesn’t Work, and We Really Hated It

We really just have to roll our eyes at Sites like this just don’t take anything seriously, let alone your safety, which is something that you need to remember. There’s nothing discreet about this site. First of all, your wife is going to figure out pretty quickly what you’re doing if you’re on a site that’s named like this. That level of discretion is just deplorable, for sure. During our NoStringsAffairs review, we found ourselves struggling to try and keep this site under wraps because of all the e-mails it sends out as well. It’s just spammy. These e-mails can really end up getting you caught if you aren’t careful. This whole site tries to sync with your devices and social media, which really isn’t good at all. It’s also just not safe. Sites that don’t make any attempts to keep it secure and safe for you really aren’t worth anything. That’s something that you really do need to remember and to avoid. Whenever we were on this site, we just wanted to slam our NoStringsAffairs rating down through the dirt. Yes, it’s that bad, especially with all the phishers on this site. If you’re lucky, you’ll come away without having your information stolen or sold. Most people don’t… Review: A Study in What Not To Do On a Fling Website

Sites like are enough to make us want a stiff drink, and during our UKCheaters review, we very nearly decided we needed one. This whole site is full of fakes. It’s obvious, at least. The more we dug into this site, the more fakes that we ended up seeing. They’re all over the front page, though, and that’s what immediately impacted our UKCheaters rating. This whole site is just flooded with them. We’re actually pretty sure that the owners of this site put them there on purpose, and that’s because they know how dead it is. When a site starts putting up fake profiles to boost their own numbers, that’s the kiss of death. There’s really nothing about it that’s going to make it any better at that point. You’ll just get scammed. Sites that have that many fakes aren’t safe at all. They’re a breeding ground for other scammers, and that means that you’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder. That’s really not the kind of environment that you’ll want to deal with when it comes to online flings. You want to be able to relax and have fun, which won’t happen here. That means that ultimately, your time on this site will be spent dodging scammers. That’s… Review: This Site Flopped Hard, and Didn’t Get Back Up

If you like boobs and butts, that’s all you’re going to get on a site like This site just doesn’t really seem to know what it’s doing at all. It doesn’t cater to women. It doesn’t matter what kind of dating site that you’re using–you absolutely have to cater to the ladies. During our MarriedSecrets review, we really didn’t end up seeing any of that. This means that, of course, no women want to join this site. It’s a relative ghost town with that in mind, and that means that there’s just no hope of any women dating you. Empty sites like this really don’t serve any purpose for you except to annoy you, and that’s a fact. We certainly were annoyed the whole time during our MarriedSecrets rating. It won’t change. It also doesn’t matter how many fakes you report on this site–they just keep coming back, all in hopes of pumping up that ratio to make it look like more women are here. This site lies about a lot of things, and that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Attempting to use it and really see if you can get a fling on here is a fool’s errand for sure. We hate sites like this, and…


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Our Top Picks for Married Flings

#1 Website: EroticAds
#2 Website: AffairsClub
#3 Website: AshleyMadison
#4 Website: NoStringsAttached
#5 Website: MarriedDateLink


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