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Would you put money down that a site name like that would attract private investigators like flies to shit? If you would, then you'd be absolutely right. PIs abound on this site beyond anything else.

We really just cringe when we think about There’s nothing confidential about this site, and in fact, it’s really insecure and really unsafe.

There are private investigators everywhere.

This whole site appears to just be a cover for a private investigator hub. Most of the people on this site that aren’t sad, depressed men are private investigators out to get you.

Married Fling scam alert image

During our ConfidentialAffair review, we figured that out really quickly, and really unhappily. This is just a really nerve wracking site to use, and it’s definitely not going to get you a fling.

There just aren’t any women on this site. You’ll be lucky if you even see a cam girl or an escort, because they all seem to know that this site is just a big waste land.

It’s really not fun.

Sites that are as flooded with fakes and private investigators as this one really aren’t fun at all, and they really have no potential to turn around and give you what you want.

img overlay ConfidentialAffair

That means, of course, that you’re going to find yourself grinding your teeth the whole time you’re here. You’ll also probably be shaking in your boost, because hey, it’s scary.

This kind of environment really gives fling sites a bad name, and we’re sure it’s why most people hate the idea of them. Our ConfidentialAffair ratin gwas just obnoxious because of that.

Expect Failure Here

We ended up spending a total of four months on our ConfidentialAffair review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 emails to women for the sake of our ConfidentailAffair rating.

It wasn’t good.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 23 responses total. This was really pathetic and drove home exactly how sad and empty this site was.

From those 23 responses, not a single woman wanted to go out with us. We’re not surprised, but we were still pretty annoyed about all of that wasted time in general.

This whole site was a really big waste of time, and a really nerve wracking one as well. It’s just not fun, and it’s really not going to help you get any kinds of flings at all.

There’s Nothing Good Here, and Our Reviews Have Proved That Thoroughly

This is one site that just isn’t going to ever deliver, and that’s because it’s so full of private investigators. That kind of environment is the absolute worst for anyone.

It’s not safe.

If you want to get caught, this is honestly the site you should be using. It’s just not going to give you what you want, and that’s because it’s really full of people out to get you.

That kind of thing is the exact opposite of what we want. It’s really not going to make you happy, and it’s not going to point you in the direction of any real women.

There just aren’t any women on this site. All of the pics are stolen as far as we can tell, and that means that your chance of talking to someone real is slim to none.

We hate that.

Sites that lie as much as this one are just down right scary. The more time we spent on this site, the more obvious that became to us and the more we wanted out.

It’s a really sad, scary thing to realize that a lot of men really do try to make these sites work. They ultimately would get caught, and we’re sure of that, because this site just makes that happen.

That’s why we were glad to leave while we could. There’s just nothing about this site that is going to get you a fling, and everything that’s going to get you caught and in trouble.

The News of Failure

Understanding myths about sexual dysfunction are important, so check out this article and make sure you know:

There are four forms of sexual dysfunction out there, but knows none of them:

Sexual health is incredibly important in flings, and this article can help way more than this site ever could:

There’s No Point to This Site, and We’ve Proved That Ten Times Over

We absolutely hated, and that’s because this site is just one big scam headquarters for private investigators. That kind of thing is really no good.

It’s not going to do anything for you.

In fact, the only thing this site is going to do is get you scammed or caught. That means that you’ll just end up in a really bad way courtesy of joining this horrible site.

There’s no reason to stick around on a site that’s just going to scam you, and that’s a fact. This is why we really think that most people trying to use this site are depressed as hell

That’s the kind of thing that you see a lot online, but there’s no reason for it. There are plenty of sites out there that can really give you what you need, but this isn’t one of them.

We know the best.

Check out Lonely Housewives by EroticAds, and you’ll really see what we mean. It’s the best of the best, and it’s going to get the job done without a doubt. It’s our number one site and the numbers prove it.

We use it regularly ourselves, and we’ve done an extensive review that really names it as the best. Check it out, and you’ll be able to see some results that prove it.

20 Responses to “ Review: This Site Makes Us Furious, and Other Tales”

  1. Rosa Black

    My friend begged me to review, so I guess I will even though I hate this site so much.

  2. Don’t trust this site. It’s more expensive in comparison to the other sites, and about half the quality as well.

  3. Dreaded Killer

    God, all these scam sites are killing me. I fall for it every fucking time and it’s so goddamn awful.

  4. I heard a rumor that isn’t legit. Can anyone confirm that for me, or no? Is it a fake?

  5. Malcom Pheleps

    God, there’s just nothing good about this site at all. It’s shit from beginning to end, and it’s so frustrating.

  6. Tombstone Eternal

    My test run of was so bad that I never wanted to be on here again. I’m dead serious.

  7. I won’t be giving this site a high rating. I hate this site so much, I could never lie about how I feel.

  8. Fisty Flapper

    Review sites from 2014 are all raving about how good this site is, but I think it’s actually pretty bad.

  9. Okay, I’m about done with dating sites, so if doesn’t work out I’m finished with them all in general.

  10. Linwood Warren

    Sites like this are why I don’t trust dating sites anymore. I think I’m going to give up on the whole thing.

  11. Morbid Python

    I wanted to review so badly for my blog, but I don’t feel like it’s even worth writing on.

  12. This site is shit in comparison to the big ones, and even more expensive! Just go on one of the big ones!

  13. Pointless Clown

    Ugh, all these scam sites are really bothering me. I keep falling for them again and again, it never fails.

  14. Everyone says is legit, so I’m going to have to try it out for myself and see about that.

  15. Clifton Graham

    Good luck finding any women worth talking to on here. The few real members on here are so fucking ugly.

  16. Furious Screaming Gnu

    This site isn’t even worth doing a test run of. I think is the worst site I’ve ever seen.

  17. Rating this site is going to be hard for me because I can’t give it a low enough score to make me happy.

  18. Maximum Froglet

    Review this site in 2014 if you feel like it, but I can’t believe that people think it’s even real.

  19. I’ve never had luck on dating sites, but maybe will help me turn my luck around. Here’s hoping, guys.

  20. I hate sites like this so much. They don’t work but they look like they do and I always fall for it.


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