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Fake profiles dominate the site to the point of being all that shows up on the front page. Good luck digging for any real women with the site's awful, confusing layout. is one site that just immediately made us roll our eyes. This site doesn’t even try to bring women in, and it’s really obvious that it’s covered in fake profiles.

It’s impossible not to see that.

During our DatingAffair review, we didn’t really even have to look very hard. The first time we glanced at the front page, we saw a ton of fake profiles with the same profile picture.

Married Fling scam alert image

This is really the mark of a site that’s given up. They’re only using those profiles to boost numbers, and that’s something we figured out sooner rather than later during our DatingAffair rating.

This kind of thing is going to make it impossible for you to meet women. You just can’t get it done when there are a ton of fakes to wade through, and those fakes drive ladies away.

Also, the design is horrible.

We’re pretty sure this site was designed by a five year old. There’s no point to trying to make it work, especially when you really want to try and find women on it.

image DatingAffair overlay

First of all, the women don’t exist, but second of all, the site is almost always broken. During our DatingAffair rating, we found ourselves constantly baffled by it.

The navigation system is really the worst culprit, and from there, there’s just nothing that can be done. Trying to use this site successfully is more akin to pulling teeth.

Our Results Were Really Telling

We ended up spending a total of four months on our DatingAffair review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It was awful.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 51 replies. This was absolutely pathetic, and obviously not anywhere close to our 50% minimum response rate.

From those responses, we only had 3 offers to meet up, but only 1 showed. This was really deplorable, and really drove home exactly how bad this site was, just like we expected.

We really hate wasting our time, but that’s all this site really ultimately did for us. There’s no point to trying to make it work at all, and that’s something we’re very sure about.

Scams and Dead Sites Are Not What You Need To See, But That’s All This Is

Sites that are as empty and dead as this one really just piss us off at the end of the day. This is really not helped by all the fakes that we saw on this site, either, trust us.

It doesn’t get better.

The more we dug into this site, the more clearly we ended up seeing how bad it is. The thing is, most of those fake profiles are put there by the actual admins of the site.

Those fakes can easily get taken over by spam bots, however, making for a very unsafe environment in general. It just makes for a very bad place to try and have flings.

For flings, you want to be discreet, and you want to be able to have a good time without constantly looking over your shoulder. This website just can’t make that happen.

Instead, you’re surrounded by scams.

We really hate unsafe sites, but this one almost takes the cake. It’s full of not only fakes, but scam bots, private investigators, and cam girls to boot. It’s just not fun at all.

If anything, you can call it a gallery for scams, but we really don’t think that’s something to be proud of. They just don’t seem to do anything to monitor this kind of thing.

Because of that, you will constantly be paranoid on this site. The thing is, there’s no point to it, so why even stick around and put yourself through that? It’s just not worth it.

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We really couldn’t stand at all, and that’s because this site really just doesn’t hit the mark in any way. It’s full of scams, and that makes it really, really unsafe.

It’s not worth it.

There are so many sites out there that can do the job, and do the job right. This definitely isn’t one of them, and that’s a fact that you’ll need to face immediately rather than use it.

This site is so full of scams that it’s almost impossible to use. They don’t care at all about you or getting women to join, and that’s why it’s really not worth an ounce of time.

There are so many other sites out there that can do it right, and that’s why you need to try those instead. This is one site that just is never going to make it happen for you.

You can do better.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, Lonely Housewives by EroticAds. It’s the best of the best, and we know for a fact that our numbers just don’t lie in our reviews.

Try it out, and you’ll definitely end up seeing some results. It’s the best site out there, and we know that for a fact. We’ll be happy to use it ourselves sooner rather than later!

20 Responses to “ Review: It Doesn’t Deliver, and We Weren’t Surprised”

  1. Morbid Psycho

    I need to read a review or two for, because I am SO not impressed by what I’m seeing.

  2. I can’t believe how bad this site is in comparison to the big sites. I’m never giong on here again.

  3. Brave Stallion

    Welp, I guess this is a scam site like I always thought. I just had to see it for myself.

  4. I found a site a long time ago that was legit, but I can’t find it anymore. I’ll settle for

  5. Fernando Fisher

    Good luck meeting anyone on here. I spent months on here and I didn’t get any message replies at all.

  6. If you want to test out, be my guest. This site sucks, there’s no saving it. It’s just sad.

  7. I refuse to give this site a good rating. It deserves the lowest ranking imaginable, I’m not joking at all.

  8. Don’t trust what any review site from 2014 says about this site. It’s shit and needs to be shut down.

  9. I don’t know if I want to try using for actual dating or if I’d rather hook up on there.

  10. Noble Eisaman

    I don’t get it! Normally I LOVE sites like this, but this one was total crap! I will NOT be back.

  11. I wanted to review for my blog, but it’s so bad I just can’t get into it at all.

  12. When the comparison sites are better than the main one, then you know you have a problem with your site.

  13. I’d rather be on a scam site than this one. Then I at least know it’s fake and not just crappy.

  14. Legit dating sites are so rare these days that I might not end up joining just out of fear.

  15. Raymon Reiss

    I’ve never had a single good thing happen to me on this site, and I’ve been on here two years.

  16. Itchy Hammer

    You couldn’t pay me to test out I have heard SUCH bad things about it from everyone on here.

  17. Rating this site is easy. I’m going to give it the worst score possible. That’s what it deserves after all.

  18. Captain Bill Ravenbeard

    Review sites from 2014 keep saying that this site is bad, so I wish I’d listened to them before joining.

  19. So far I haven’t found a dating site that works for me, but maybe that’ll change when I join

  20. Merlin Pershing

    I keep telling everyone I know to stay away from sites like this, but they never listen. They’re so stupid.


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