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This site is completely unusable with the sheer amount of fake profiles. Whether set up by scambots or piloted by cam girls, you're not going to get flings from them, so don't bother. is one site that just makes us tired to think about. This site just seems to go out of its way to be obnoxious and to really not work in any way, shape or form.

It’s awful.

The thing about this site is that it’s just full of fakes. Most of the women on this site seem to be cam girls or escorts, which means they aren’t going to sleep with you.

Married Fling scam alert image

During our IllicitEncounters review, we ended up wanting to pull our hair out for most of the time. That’s because this site is just impossible to use with that many fakes.

The thing about fakes is that they’re honestly everywhere once you start poking around on this site. They just don’t want to go away, and they’ll end up in your inbox, too.

It’s impossible to use.

These fakes have taken over the site, and that means that no real women are going to join at all. That killed our IllicitEncounters rating, and really ended up driving us nuts.

The rating on this site just got worse as time went on, because our inbox just ended up full of scammers. This was really obnoxious, and that was only driven home as time went on.

overlay image IllicitEncounters

This whole site was a headache, and that’s a fact. Trying to use it is something that will make you sick of fling sites, and that’s the opposite of what you want for sure.

Married Flings Won’t Happen Here

We ended up spending a total of four months on our IllicitEncounters review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It wasn’t good.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 44 responses total. This was really pathetic, and drove home exactly how awful this site was from the start.

From those 44 responses, only a single woman wanted to end up actually meeting up with us, but she never showed. This was obnoxious as all get out, and we were fed up.

This whole site was nothing but fakes, and that made it very clear to us how bad this site was from the start. There’s just nothing good about it, and it’s not going to get better.

Drowning in Fakes is The Name of the Game On This Site, No Doubts

We found ourselves constantly wanting to jump off a cliff when using this site, and that’s just because it’s full of fakes from top to bottom. It’s almost unusable with that in mind.

No real woman will use it.

With the number of fakes that are hanging around on this site, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s actually void of real women. They’re gone and that means the site is dead.

You can’t have a site without real women, and sadly, this whole site just has a horrible ratio. It’s really obnoxious to think that it might actually end up being someone’s go-to site.

The thing is, there’s not ever going to be anything that comes of it. This whole site is dead in the water, and there’s nothing about that that will ever end up changing.

It’s just empty.

This site has been long-abandoned, and that’s something that you need to realize. No one that joins this site is going to actually be able to make some progress.

This whole site is just full of cam girls to the nth degree, and that means that you really aren’t going to have a fling with anyone. This site is basically just a breeding ground for them.

With that in mind, there’s just nothing for you here. You deserve a site that can get you laid, and this one isn’t going to do it because there’s not any women on here.

Some Sad News Stories

Knowing what makes a great dominant is important, so check out this article and you’ll really be able to see what is leaving out:

Developing a sense of humor to attract women for flings is important, but this site won’t help at all with that:

Knowing what a switch is in your flings is important, but won’t help you at all: Is a Failure, and It Knows That Itself, Without a Doubt

We really didn’t end up liking at all. This whole site was a waste of time, and we really don’t think that’s something that’s going to change any time soon.

It’s obnoxious.

Seeing a site that is as full of scams as this one really makes us grind our teeth. This whole site is just obnoxious to us, and that’s because there’s really no chance for success.

We feel bad for anyone that tries to logon to this site and actually make it work. That’s really not something that’s going to happen, so what’s the point in even trying?

This whole site is just a time waster for everyone, and that’s our least favorite thing. We hate wasting our time, and our IllicitEncounters rating did just that during our review.

You can do better.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, Lonely Housewives by EroticAds. It’s a site that really does work, and that’s why it’s the best of the best–our numbers just don’t lie.

Sites like Lonely Housewives by EroticAds can really give you what you want, and we’re sure of that. Check it out, and you’ll end up seeing the same incredible results that we were privy to.

20 Responses to “ Review: The Chance For Failure is High, and We Were Right”

  1. Orange Dog

    I was going to go ahead and review, but that site looks like a huge waste of my time.

  2. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that this site is a good one in comparison to others. It isn’t.

  3. I had heard that this site was a scam before I joined, but I was stupid and i didn’t listen.

  4. There are so few legit sites left out there that I really don’t expect much out of, but I’ll try.

  5. Norman Jenner

    I can’t believe it. I literally have nothing good to say about this site, and that’s never happened to me.

  6. Don’t even do a single test run of because it WILL infect your computer with a lot of viruses.

  7. Rating this site is easy. It’s going to get the lowest rank possible. It’s more than it deserves, to be honest.

  8. Steady Smoke

    Review sites from 2014 all say that this site is the best, and I couldn’t agree LESS with that statement.

  9. Since I haven’t done any online dating in a few years, I’m going to start small with something like

  10. Wendell Basmanoff

    Sites like this seriously make me want to gouge my eyes out so I never have to look at them again.

  11. I won’t review this site. is one of the worst ones out there, I won’t waste my precious time.

  12. Comparison sites are miles ahead of this one and loads cheaper, so just go on one of those instead of this.

  13. Dancing Tumbler

    This site is nothing but another scam. Ugh, I was hoping that it’d be better than the others have been.

  14. God, why are legit sites so hard to come by? I want to join, but I don’t know if I should.

  15. Donnell Prescott

    Good riddance to this site. I sure as hell won’t be back, I can promise you that much. Screw this site.

  16. White Dummy

    Test out at your own risk. I’ve heard that a lot of people get their identities stolen on here.

  17. I want to give this site a REALLY low rating. It screwed me over so many times, and I am PISSED.

  18. I won’t review this site for 2014 or any other year unless they take the time to up their game.

  19. I’m not so sure if is good for dating, or if it’s just for hooking up. Either way I’m interested.

  20. You should never trust sites like this to help you meet women. They don’t work at all, that’s for sure.


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