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You might want to laugh at how seriously this site takes itself, but that's about the only enjoyment you'll get out of it. This site is absolutely dead, even of scammer activity.

We really can’t even believe that sites like are still up and running. This whole site really seems to be a ghost town, and they take themselves so seriously.

It’s hilariously bad.

This site really does think that it’s awesome, and we think that’s hilarious. It’s completely and utterly empty, but they certainly do love lying about the numbers on the site.

Married Fling scam alert image

During our Infidelities review, we found ourselves picking through nothing but dead profiles. Some of these profiles have obviously been taken over by scammers.

This means that there’s really nowhere safe on this site, no matter if it looks dead as a doornail. You’ll be hating yourself while you try to wade through this kind of thing.

We certainly did.

Our Infidelities rating was a very frustrating experience in general because of all of this. Trying to find real women on this site just isn’t going to happen, and we gave up trying.

We’re certain that most others have given up as well. There’s just no chance to really meet anyone on here, and that means that everyone else has left as well, thank god.

overlay img Infidelities

This is why we were ultimately really glad when our Infidelities rating was over and done with. This whole site was just one more frustration after another, without a doubt.

This Site Just Doesn’t Deliver

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Infidelities review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It was pathetic.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 19 responses total. This was really deplorable, and drove home exactly how bad this site was overall.

Obviously, from those 19 responses, not a single woman wanted to come and meet us at all. It was really pathetic, and drove home exactly how bad this site was again.

We hated this site, and the fact that it was so empty was just annoying as hell. We weren’t surprised by these results, but it certainly didn’t make it any better in general.

Unfortunately, This Site Has Nothing to Offer, And It Doesn’t Even Care

There’s not much to expect on this site except for a lot of emptiness. Truth be told, the reason this review was so frustrating was that it was so incredibly boring.

We hated that.

We at least want to be entertained by some really bad cam girls, but they aren’t even on here. This whole site is dead and empty, and it makes no attempt to be otherwise.

We’re not sure why this site crashed and burned so hard, but we think it’s mostly because they just don’t advertise correctly. You aren’t going to ever hear about this site.

In a way, that’s better. There’s nothing to do here, and that means that there’s no way you’ll ever end up getting what you want here. There just aren’t any women around.

Without women, there’s no dating.

We know that you’re here to have flings, and that’s just not going to happen on this site. That’s a fact that you need to understand sooner rather than later about dead sites like this.

This site isn’t going to ever try to get better either, and that’s a fact that’s very easily seen. The admins just don’t seem to care at all, which makes for a very bad situation.

This site could be a lot nastier, but right now, it’s just dead in the water, which isn’t much better. Skip it, and you’ll be able to experience a lot more fun in general.

Sad, Sad News

There are a lot of treatments for sexual dysfunction out there, but isn’t one of them:

Hypoactive sexual disorder can be a real issue in flings, and this article helps you understand when this site just won’t:

Tips for men in today’s relationships are really important, so check out this article because this site won’t help you:

The Final Say: Just Doesn’t Work, and We Can’t Stand It

We really couldn’t stand, and that’s because this site just doesn’t offer anything at all. It’s a really bad site, and that’s because no one even cares about it.

It’s dead.

A dead site isn’t going to get you laid, and that’s a fact. We can’t imagine anyone really being able to make this site work, because there’s just no one around on here.

That kind of environment really is one of the worst for online dating for sure. It’s just frustrating and boring, which ultimately only leads to failure on a site like this one.

The whole site is just awful, and that’s not going to change any time soon. There are so many better sites out there, and there’s no reason to keep using one like this one.

You can do better.

There are so many better sites out there, and Lonely Housewives by EroticAds is the best of the best. Check it out, and you’ll be able to enjoy the same results that we have for awhile now.

Our numbers don’t lie. It’s really the best, and that’s because it honestly just works. You’ll see some incredible results, and be able to be with the ladies that you’ve wanted to be with for awhile now.

20 Responses to “ Review: It’s Awful, Doesn’t Work, and Never Will At All”

  1. Never again will I review a site like My computer got messed up right after I was on there.

  2. Don’t even bother with this site because it’s awful in comparison to the others and you’ll hate it for sure.

  3. Mars Monkey

    I’m always worried that these sites are a just a scam, and man do I hate it when I’m right.

  4. So many of these sites turn out fake it’s hard to find a legit one, but I think is good.

  5. Wilmer Bullard

    I wish somebody had told me that this site was no good, because I wouldn’t have joined when I did.

  6. Cruel Left-handed Ocelot

    Even doing a test run of was too much for me. It’s terrible, and I won’t go on here again.

  7. Giving this site a high rating is so stupid. Nobody would give this site a good rating unless they were lying.

  8. Black Turtle

    Review sites from 2014 are terrible. They all say that this site is good, and it’s really bad. Good riddance.

  9. If doesn’t work out for me then I’m done with online dating, but I’ll give it a try first.

  10. Gregorio Judge

    Sites like this are gross. Like, what the fuck were they even thinking when they made this site? For real?

  11. Intense Honey

    My review of this site is going to be so dismal. is the crappiest site I’ve seen in a while.

  12. Don’t ever tell me that this site holds up in comparison to the other ones. I’ll know you’re lying to me.

  13. Needless Corporal

    Scam sites are so common these days that I’m not even surprised, just disappointed. I wish it wasn’t like that.

  14. Does anyone know if is legit? I keep trying to find a good site, and I need some help.

  15. Lawerence Littlefield

    I have yet to find a good dating site, and I know for a fact that this one isn’t good either.

  16. Captain Sofia Stoker

    I think my test run of was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life.

  17. Rating this site highly is completely out of the question. This is the worst site I’ve ever seen, like ever.

  18. Omega Foghorn

    I read a review when I first joined in 2014 saying that this site was a scam. I wish I’d listened.

  19. My friends all tell me that sites like are horrible for dating, but I don’t believe them at all.

  20. Claude Hanseu

    I wish I could banish all sites like this from existence, but this is not a perfect world. So sad.


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