LonelyHousewives.com Review: This Site Doesn’t Work, and We Aren’t Surprised



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Its awful T&A advertising attempts to mask the fact that no real woman would be caught dead here. All you'll find are cam girls and escorts, who won't be having flings with you anytime soon.

Here’s the thing about LonelyHousewives.com: there aren’t any lonely housewives here. There’s nothing here but a ton of scams, and one hell of a lot of fake boobs.

It’s a pathetic site.

Sites that just cover themselves in boobs and butts, again, have no real hope of ever bringing ladies in. There’s nothing else to do but just admit that, plain and simple.

Married Fling scam alert image

During our LonelyHousewives review, we really had a hard time finding a single real woman on here. Most of them just ended up being cam girls or escorts in general.

This kind of environment just makes us pull our hair out. There’s no way you’ll actually get a fling on a site like this, and that’s why our LonelyHousewives rating was such a bust.

We hated it.

We honestly can’t imagine ever really trying to use this site successfully. There’s nothing on this site except for a lot of cam girls and fakes, which doesn’t mean flings.

That kind of thing is something a lot of men seem to forget. Just because there are pics of women doesn’t mean there are real women on here, and that’s something to remember.

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Ultimately, our LonelyHousewives rating was annoying and frustrating. This site just has no hope attached to it, and there’s really no chance you’ll end up getting a girl.

It’s Not Built to Impress

We ended up spending a total of four months on our LonelyHousewives review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women we found on this site.

It wasn’t good.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 11 responses total. This wasn’t anywhere close to what we wanted, and it really drove home how bad it was.

From those 11 responses, obviously not a single woman wanted to end up meeting up with us. That made us want to give up immediately, and we were glad to be done.

This whole site was just a bust, and that means that we’ll never be going back. We personally can’t imagine why anyone else would, because it’s just not good at all.

Scams and Boobs, That’s All You’ll Really Find On This Site In Particular

This is one site that just made us scratch our heads. Why would anyone even join it at all? It’s so full of fakes and boobs and butts that there’s no way real women will be here.

That didn’t seem to click.

We sadly ended up seeing a lot of different men on this site, which was just really sad in general. It’s not a good environment for anyone to be dating in, and that’s a fact.

Flings just aren’t going to happen on a site that’s dead and empty, and that’s what this site is. There aren’t any real women on this site, and that’s something to remember.

If you have a site that isn’t marketed towards women, there’s really no point to using it at all. That’s something to always remember, and that’s why this site is so bad.

It just doesn’t work.

Sites that don’t cater to women always end up flopping like this one. That’s why we really couldn’t stand it, and why we were glad to be done with it sooner rather than later.

This whole site was a disaster zone, and we can only imagine it getting worse in the future. The more you dig into it, the more scams you end up seeing, truth be told.

It’s the kind of thing that a lot of men just don’t seem to realize. You can’t date on a site that isn’t full of real women; that’s all this site ultimately is, and that’s a fact to remember.

The Lonely News

Dating and having flings in the 21st century can be both easy and hard, and this article covers what LonelyHousewives.com just can’t: http://voices.yahoo.com/dating-21st-century-62149.html?cat=41

There’s a lot of good and ugly to online dating, but we’re pretty sure that this site is just ugly:  http://voices.yahoo.com/online-dating-good-bad-ugly-literally-118969.html?cat=41

There are a lot of different online dating sites out there, and this article covers them when LonelyHousewives.com will not: http://voices.yahoo.com/different-types-online-dating-sites-4138319.html?cat=41

LonelyHousewives.com Sucks, What a Surprise To Everyone Out There

We absolutely couldn’t stand LonelyHousewives.com, and that’s why we’ll never be going back. This site is a waste of time, and it’s not going to get you any flings at all.

It’s worthless.

There just aren’t any women on this site. The more you dig into it, the more you’re going to see that, and that’s a fact that no one else seemed to notice about it.

There are a ton of boobs and butts, but that’s all on cam girls and escorts. That kind of thing is the absolute worst, and it means that no one’s going to get what they want.

This is why it needs to be clear that you can do so much better than this. This whole site is just a waste, and that’s something that needs to be made very clear about it.

Skip it.

Instead, you should check out our number one site, Lonely Housewives by EroticAds. It’s the best of the best, and our results have proven that time and time again, so you can’t leave it alone.

Give it a shot, and you’ll really be able to see what we mean. It’s the best site we’ve ever used, and that’s why we keep coming back to it for more. It really does work.

20 Responses to “LonelyHousewives.com Review: This Site Doesn’t Work, and We Aren’t Surprised”

  1. Homeless Electron

    Don’t review this site if you value your sanity. All LonelyHousewives.com will do is make you really want to die.

  2. It’s a pretty fucking sad day when the comparison sites are better than the main one if you ask me.

  3. Rusty Runny Dog

    I wish I could tell you that this site isn’t a scam, but it is and if you’re on here go now.

  4. I have such a hard time telling whether or not sites are legit, so can someone tell me if LonelyHousewives.com is good?

  5. Adalberto Napier

    I’ve never had a good experience on this site, not once. The women on here are so rude it’s crazy.

  6. I was going to test out LonelyHousewives.com for my friend, but I don’t test out fake sites. It’s not fair.

  7. I’ve seen so many people give this site a high rating, but it doesn’t deserve it. I think it sucks.

  8. My favorite review site from 2014 says that this site is crap, so I’m going to believe that, thank you.

  9. I’ve had SUCH bad luck lately with dating sites, so I’m really hesitant about signing up for LonelyHousewives.com at all.

  10. Sites like this pretty much never work, so I don’t know why I bother with them in the first place.

  11. Bloody John Stoker

    My review of LonelyHousewives.com for my blog is going to be really nitpicky and negative, so look forward to it.

  12. This site is awful in comparison to what I’m used to. I’m never going to go on here again in my life.

  13. This site is a scam. I was on here for a full year and I figured out that it was bad.

  14. I think LonelyHousewives.com sounds like a great site, but can you guys please tell me if it’s legit or not?

  15. Gerard Fowler

    Good riddance to this site. It’s so bad that I don’t even know what to do. They need to fix it.

  16. Tombstone Eternal

    I had to cut my test run of LonelyHousewives.com short because it was so shitty that I had to stop.

  17. Rating this site is hard because they don’t offer a low enough rating to give it what it really deserves.

  18. William Wormwood

    Any review site from 2014 saying that this site is good is lying to you. It’s really a terrible site.

  19. All these dating sites make my head swim, so I don’t know how being on LonelyHousewives.com will work out for me.

  20. I’m going to boycott all sites like this until they get their act together and stop scamming all their users.


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