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Do you really think a site with a name like that won't make private investigators flock to it? Well, they do, and they're about the only things that are active on this garbage dump of a site.

We really just have to shake our heads at sites like If they think they’re being discreet, they’re incredibly wrong. Just take a glance at the name.

It’s just stupid.

Anyone that thinks they can use a site that’s this blatant and not get caught is an idiot. We feel bad for them, of course, but that doesn’t change the obvious fact of what they’re wasting their time on.

Married Fling scam alert image

During our MaritalAffair review, we really just ended up having to dig to try and find women. That’s not something that’s going to happen, of course, but we still did try.

Our MartialAffair rating really ended up plummeting the moment that we started finding private investigators. That’s the kiss of death on any site, and they’re here in spades.

The site really is dead.

Sites that really just don’t care about their customers end up like this sooner rather than later. Our MaritalAffair rating really did end up proving this for us without a doubt.

overlay MaritalAffair screen

The only active ‘members’ of this site nowadays seem to be scammers, which is really less than good. We weren’t impressed by that, especially because the site doesn’t care.

This site is just dead in the water, and we’re not even really sure why it’s still up and running. There’s no chance for it to end up doing you any good, and that’s a fact.

We Used It, Hated It, and Left

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our MaritalAffair review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It was just sad.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 1 reply total. This was just shockingly bad, and really did prove to us how bad this site was in general.

That one lady obviously didn’t want to meet up with us, which was just pathetic. This whole site really just didn’t do a damn thing for us, an we’re not surprised to find that out.

Even if we weren’t surprised, it just wasn’t good to see at all. This site drove us nuts, and we’re sure that they aren’t going to try and fix anything like that any time soon.

What You Can Expect, And Other Stories About Why This Site Sucks

This site is just one scam after another, and the private investigators are the worst of the worst. There’s really no way to get rid of them, either, and that’s a fact.

They just don’t care.

The thing you have to remember about this site is that the administrators just don’t care. They want your money, and with that in mind, that means that you aren’t going to get a fling.

They don’t try to bring ladies into this site, and that means that you really just can’t see any results because of it. Any and all ladies really aren’t present on this site at all.

This whole site is just a wasteland, and that’s really not going to get you laid. They aren’t going to do anything but waste your time as far as we can tell about this site.

They’re covered in fakes.

Th site is ultimately just covered in a ton of fakes, and that’s something that isn’t going to change any time soon. When you have this many scammers in one place, the site stops caring.

The more we dug into this site, the more we realized this has been going on for awhile. There’s just no reprieve as far as we can see, and we certainly did dig pretty far.

This means that this site has been in some pretty dire straights for awhile now. We can’t say we’re surprised, but that just seals the deal that it’s dead in the water permanently.

The Scoop on Crap

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Your online dating photo is important, and this article helps when this site just won’t at all:

Knowing what kind of fling-meetup tool you should use important, and this article helps out when won’t: Sucsks, and Our Final Verdict Really Proves It Now

We absolutely hated, and that’s why we’ll never be back to this site ever again. It’s just one big waste of time after another, and it’s never going to change.

Forget about it.

Sites like this really give online flings a bad name, and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon. It’s really just the kind of site that needs to be taken down and left alone for good.

Of course, the site admins are money hungry, and that’s the only reason why they’re still keeping it up. There’s no chance that you’ll end up with a real woman, though.

Because these kinds of things are happening on this site, there’s no point of trying to use it. This whole site is just a waste of your time, and a waste land on the internet.

You can do better.

Our number one site is Lonely Housewives by EroticAds, and that’s the site that you need to be checking out. Try it out, and you’ll actually be able to see some serious results in general.

It’s our number one site, and that’s why we really do love it. The numbers don’t lie, so if you check it out, you’ll be able to have the same results that we did with a little work.

20 Responses to “ Review: It Doesn’t Work, Surprise, Surprise To Everyone”

  1. Solid Silly Spider

    Don’t waste your time writing a review for They just take off every negative comment they get either way.

  2. God, why do I ever bother about any of these comparison sites. What the fuck are they even going for.

  3. Sleepy Unique Frog

    I thought this site was going to be a scam when I joined, so why did I even bother at all.

  4. I’m pretty sure that this site isn’t legit, but I think I might join just for a few laughs.

  5. Felton Lombardi

    I have yet to find a good dating site, and this one is no different from the others, which sucks.

  6. Gruesome Sergeant

    I wanted to do a test run of, but it gave my computer all kinds of viruses when I joined.

  7. I wanted to give this site a good rating, I really did. It just doesn’t deserve it, not at all.

  8. Bloody John Stoker

    Don’t review this site for 2014. It’s awful and I can’t stand being on here. The women are mean, too.

  9. I’ve never had good luck on any dating site, but I hope that I can change that when I join

  10. Leonel Mingle

    Sites like this are why I hate telling people that I use online dating sites. Not to mention my wife might find out.

  11. Review sites are all lying to you if they’re saying that is a good site. It’s a terrible site.

  12. Don’t ever tell me that this site is good in comparison to the others. It’s an aboslutely terrible site, and I know it.

  13. Captain Bill Ravenbeard

    This site is a scam. I wanted it to be good, I wanted it to work, but it was just terrible.

  14. Please, can someone tell me if is legit? It looks really good and I really want to join it.

  15. Felton Dickinson

    Good luck meeting women on here. The profiles are all fake, and the women aren’t worth the effort either way.

  16. Villain Solid

    I had to stop doing a test run of because I kept having to reboot my computer when I was on here.

  17. Giving this site a high rating is totally not going to happen. Not ever. It’s ust such a shitty site.

  18. I read a review from 2014 saying that this site was a scam, but now I know that for a fact.

  19. Since I’ve started online dating, it’s become an addiction. I want to join next, I can’t wait for it.

  20. Bertram Ramsey

    I never go on sites like this after I had a really terrible experience with one a few years ago.


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