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With a name like that, are you really surprised that there are private investigators everywhere on this site? They'll make your stay a miserable, unsafe experience.Ê is about as unsubtle as they come. What person would want to have a fling on a site that has this kind of name? You’re going to get caught on here instantly.

It’s not safe.

Sites like this really just make us sigh long and hard. They look like they might end up being legit, but they really just aren’t. That’s because for the most part, they’re full of scams.

Married Fling scam alert image

During our SecretAffair review, we ended up finding a ton of private investigators on this site. That’s a huge warning sign for us, and it made us very wary during the whole time we were here.

Our SecretAffair rating only suffered after that, and for good reason. Private investigators are the bane of our existence, and they can really contribute to you getting caught.

They’re obvious here, at least.

If nothing else, the private investigators on this site are at least easy to spot. They’re almost everywhere on here with stolen porno pictures as their profile pics.

SecretAffair image overlay

That means that you can spot them a mile away, but it isn’t always that easy on other sites. This site just gives you a free pass in that regard, if nothing else can be said.

We still don’t recommend using it, though. This whole site is pretty unsafe, and it just really made us feel uncomfortable the whole time that we ended up using it in general.

Expect Sadness and Failure Here

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our SecretAffair review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we met on this site.

It wasn’t any good.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 59 replies. This was really not good, and immediately clued us in to how crappy this site was during our review.

From those replies, only a total of 6 women wanted to meet up with us. Only 2 of them showed, though, which really proved our point about how bad this site was in general. We only had 1 fling.

Obviously, our whole review of this site was just one big waste. There wasn’t anything good about it, and it really drove us nuts to try and use this site in general.

Scams and Unsafe Sites Abound, That’s All This One Is Without a Single Doubt

There’s absolutely nothing about this site to like, and our SecretAffair rating really did end up proving that to us. That being said, we feel the need to stress how unsafe it is.

You’ll get caught here.

The thing about this site is that you will almost definitely end up caught using it. The name really just doesn’t lend itself to discretion at all, and the private investigators know that.

The more that you use this site, the more likely you are to end up with your wife or girlfriend finding about your flings on the side. That’s really not something that you want.

Discretion is the key to all flings, and that’s a fact. If you can stay discreet, you’ll end up much happier, but that’s just not something that’s going to be possible on this site.

That’s why you need to avoid it.

The other thing about this site and what really makes it not discreet is the fact that the scammers on here will spam your e-mails. This means that there’s no escape.

While you should always use a separate e-mail, that’s not going to do you a lot of good if you just end up getting your information stolen at every turn. This whole site is like that.

This is why we really just can’t imagine this site ever cleaning up its act and trying to be safe. It’s not at all, and the site admins just don’t care about that at all.

Today’s News

Hot wax can really heat up your fling and this article shows you how even when SecretAffair won’t at all:

The right lube is going to make one heck of a difference, so check out this article and you’ll see what we mean when won’t help:

The Final Say: Didn’t Work, and We Saw It Coming

We really didn’t like, and that’s why this site is something that we’ll never end up recommending to anyone. It’s not a good site, and it will definitely get you caught.

Just skip it.

This site really is just full of scammers, and they’re just not nice about it at all. It’s going to get you caught, and you’ll never end up having that fun fling on this site that you want.

That’s something that you have to remember, and that you have to realize will never end up changing about this site. It doesn’t matter how much they clean up their act.

The thing is, they never will, and that’s why you need a site that actually cares about you. Our number one site, Lonely Housewives by EroticAds, definitely can do that and help you out.

Try it out.

Lonely Housewives by EroticAds is our number one site for a reason, and that’s because the numbers don’t lie. It really does work, so check it out and you’ll see what we mean.

We’ve never not had it work out and give us what we need. That’s why we’re sure that for flings, it’s the best of the best, and you’ll end up really getting what you deserve.

20 Responses to “ Review: It Doesn’t Work, and You Should Expect That”

  1. Don’t trust any review that you see for I believed one that I saw and I ended up getting scammed.

  2. There’s no comparison for a good site, so just save yourself some time and join a big name site instead.

  3. Strawberry Vulture

    If you’re worried that this site is a scam, I’ll tell you right now that it is. Cancel your membership now.

  4. I don’t think I’ve found a legit dating site yet, but I’m hoping that that changes with Who knows.

  5. Fermin Foster

    Nobody told me that this site was going to be good, but I still got my hopes up and now I’m disappointed.

  6. If you want to test out, be my guest, but when I was on here I didn’t have any luck.

  7. I’m giving this site SUCH a bad rating when I get off mobile. It deserves to suffer and be taken down.

  8. If anybody writes a review for this site in 2014, seriously reconsider giving it a positive review. Do your research.

  9. I’m still trying to get the hang of these dating sites, and I hope that is discreet enough for me.

  10. Timmy Weidemann

    Sites like this are why I hate telling anybody that I use dating sites to get laid. It just looks bad.

  11. William Corsair Coldbane

    God, I am going to write the meanest review for Just you wait. People will know how bad it is.

  12. There’s no site that I’ve found that’s worse in comparison to this one. I’m kind of baffled, honestly. It sucks.

  13. Pale Billy Crawhawk

    God damn, these scam sites have taken over the Internet! I want to stop using them. I think I will.

  14. I want to join, but I’m worried that it won’t turn out to be legit. I don’t want another scam site.

  15. Elroy Barkley

    I wish somebody had told me that this site was no good before I signed up, but it’s too late now.

  16. Orange Jackal

    Well, I had to stop doing a test run of halfway through because it kept shutting my computer down.

  17. NOBODY give this site a good rating. You don’t want it to stay online and keep tricking people, do you?

  18. My review of this site for 2014 is going to be so mean and I am SO ready to write it.

  19. When it comes to online dating, I’m a total pro. I’m sure I’ll get laid in no time on

  20. I wish I could shut down all sites like this. They don’t work and I just end up even lonelier.


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