Working Casual Dates into Your Everyday Schedule

Having an affair can make your life a lot more hectic. Suddenly you have to worry about when you will see your mistress next, what you will do with her, and how you will explain it away to your wife. A busy schedule makes for a busy life, and adding a mistress into that can just make it even more crowded. However, it’s not that hard to work a few casual dates into your daily schedule if you just know what you should be aiming to do. Reading this guide will help you figure out how you can see your mistress on the daily without raising any suspicion from your wife. Utilizing Your Lunch Hour to the Fullest “Spend an hour of romance” Your lunch hour is honestly a miracle in disguise and you probably do not even appreciate it properly. The lunch hour is a perfect opportunity to get out with your mistress without your wife knowing any different. You need to put a bit of extra effort into planning it, since your lunch break probably isn’t that long, but it is definitely doable and you can get in a short lunch date with your affair with ease. You might even be able to hook up if she knows…

Ways to Lead Your Wife On

“Don’t try to lead her on for too long” Let’s face it-sometimes after years of being married (even if it’s happy), your wife just doesn’t do it for you anymore. Whether it’s a stagnant sex life or just not wanting to be around her, you might be ready for a change of pace. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to get into the dirty business of lawyers, alimony, and all that other stuff that comes with a nasty breakup. Instead, having a little fling on the side can spice things up and keep you interested, all while keeping things cool with your wife. Just be sure that you do things right or else you’ll be in a spot that few guys envy once the shit hits the fan. Keep It Distant with Your Fling The first part of leading on your wife and getting away with it starts with keeping things distant with your fling. Don’t be that guy that tries to hook up with his wife’s best friend. It never ends well. Instead, check out personal ads and adult sites that can let you meet someone who doesn’t know your friends or your family. This way, you can cut down on some of the risk of getting caught…

How to Keep Her from Creeping on Your Texts

Having your wife take a sudden and unhealthy interest in your phone and your text messages can be dangerous, especially if you text your mistress at all. Your wife may be suspicious of you and that might be the reason why she’s snooping, or she might just be unable to help herself even if she isn’t suspicious. Either way you don’t want her to find something that you would rather keep a secret, so it is important to know how to keep her from snooping on your texts too often. It may not be possible to stop entirely without making her think that you have something to hide, but there are still options for you to pursue if anything like this occurs. Try to Establish Boundaries “Establishing boundaries will be helpful” Establishing your boundaries within your marriage is always important, and though it might be a little bit late, you may want to consider talking to her about things like this. You might want to attempt convincing her that she might stumble upon secret birthday plans for her or something similar, if she doesn’t take to the idea that she should be respecting your privacy. It can be difficult to do this without making her even more suspicious but you…

Avoiding the Three Most Common Mistakes Married Men Make When Hooking up

Since the dawn of marriage, men have been hooking up outside of it. It’s the way of the world. Since that same dawn, men have been making the same simple mistakes over and over and over. It’s also been the way of the world. Well, we’re not cave men anymore, are we, fellows? We’re not the type to repeat the mistakes of the past anymore. Skip these three common mistakes and you’ll be able to avoid most of the problems that come with getting a little on the side. Don’t Lie; Imply If you can avoid it never actually tell a falsehood. Inventing stories just gets you dragged deeper and deeper into pits that you don’t want to be a part of. Keep things simple and you’ll avoid getting tangled in a web of your own making. If your wife asks where you’ve been don’t say that you stayed late at the office. Say that you had a lot of work today and the boss is breathing down your next. It amounts to the same thing, but you can avoid the ‘tells’ that come from actually telling a lie. If you can find a way to get out from having to look your wife or girlfriend in the eye and…


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