Where to Take Her When Your Wife is at Home

Having a mistress is no easy feat. You not only have a woman at home, but you’re taking on another one. Keeping them both happy is going to be tough. When your wife is at home, your mistress might want to get it on or spend some time together. You obviously can’t take her to your place or your wife will kill you both. But spending so much time at her place might give you away if she doesn’t know that you’re married. You can take her anywhere from fancy to cheap if you just think outside of the box. A Motel or Hotel “This is the best place to take her” If you’re feeling fancier, why not take her to a luxury hotel that does spa stuff and couples massages? She’ll love the getaway and the fact that she’s getting pampered. Even if she meant to get mad at you for not making it more personal by taking you to your house, she’ll forget with the first facial. Not all of us have the money to take our ladies out to a high-class place. You can always do the next best thing and rent a motel. Motels tend to be way cheaper because they’re pretty much just a room…

Finding a Wingman When You’re a Married Guy

“Having a wingman will surely benefit you” Being married but trying to find a woman to take on as a mistress can be tough. It’s not going to be a one-guy kind of job. You’re going to need a wingman. But the issue here is that most of your guy friends won’t approve of you cheating or know your wife well enough to tell her if they find out. That’s the last thing you need right now. But you can always find a wingman, sometimes it just takes a little bit of creative thought. Where’s the Weird Guy? Every guy has at least one man who has friend crushed on him so hard that he’ll do anything to get in good with you. Most of the time it’s the dude at the office who always tries to chat with you during break and awkwardly latches onto your jokes. He’s definitely not cool, but he’s a guy who will talk you up so hard. Invite him out for a night at the bar and explain that you’re looking to score some fresh poon. He’ll understand and probably totally support you in your endeavors. A New Friend “Your new friend could be your wingman” Go out to the bar before you even…

Cheating: Why Emails are Better than Texts

“You will find emails better” One of the best things about cheating is getting cute and sexy messages from your fling. The problem with this is that many times you may forget to delete your text messages. Sometimes, you may not even want to delete them. If your fling sends you hot messages or some sexy nudes, you will probably want to hang onto those. However, if your wife ever needs to use your phone, or feels the need to go snooping, you run the huge risk of her finding out about your fling. This will only lead to disaster. Instead of deleting every text you get from your fling, you can make things easier on yourself and simply have her email you. Your Smart Phone is Your Cover The great thing about emails is that they are free and you can create as many of them as you want. If you have a smart phone, you can access your email practically anywhere. While many phones only allow you to connect one email account to it, they still offer a web browser, which will allow you to access other email accounts. What this means is that your main email address will be linked to your phone and your side email…


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Our Top Picks for Married Flings

#1 Website: EroticAds
#2 Website: AffairsClub
#3 Website: AshleyMadison
#4 Website: NoStringsAttached
#5 Website: MarriedDateLink


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