The Disadvantages of Being a Married Man on the Dating Scene

“You must be worried about your wife” Hooking up and meeting women can be difficult enough as a single man, but it might seem like it becomes downright impossible as a married man. It is true that it will definitely be more difficult to hook up with women as frequently as you used to when you were single, but there are some unique disadvantages that come with being a married man on the hookup and dating scene. Knowing what they are can help you plan accordingly and be more realistic about your expectations for how the night should go. This way you will be able to make each venture out onto the scene much more enjoyable and much less stressful. Having to Hide Your Marital Status Obviously, you will probably want to hide your marital status in some way when you hit the hookup scene. Otherwise, women might not approach you at all and they may outright reject your advances. Hiding your marital status is sometimes difficult, especially if a woman is suspicious enough to be looking for a ring tan or something similar in order to gauge whether or not you are actually married. It may involve a bit of trickery, but hiding your marital status should never be…

Signs That Will Show That You’re Married–Even When the Ring’s Off

When you’re trying to get laid as a married guy, you already have to hide your ring to keep your status to “single”. Once you’ve gotten it off you might think that you’re in the clear, but actually you still look like a married guy. Without you even knowing it, you’re giving off signals that you’re firmly taken. Whether you’ve been married for years or months, there are some things you do that will be like a beacon driving away all of those hotties you’re trying to get at. You’re Like Spiderman Spiderman is known for having his spider senses. When you’re with a woman flirting all night you’ll be able to pick up on signals that other guys can’t. You might be able to tell when she’s upset or hungry, or maybe even that her shoes are uncomfortable. With all of your intent, you might use these married-senses to impress her by showing off how attentive you are. The downside is that most men aren’t like this. Sure, it might work at first, but eventually she’ll realize what’s going on and start asking questions. Lady Things Don’t Gross You Out “Tell her that it doesn’t matter to you” Once you start seeing her on and off you’ll feel like…

Planning Ahead: Decrease Your Chances of Getting Caught

The scariest thing about cheating is worrying that your wife will find out. Most of us do not want our wives finding out that we’re messing with someone else on the side. This usually ends up with her having a broken heart, lots of marriage counseling, and even divorce. When you want to decrease your chances of getting caught, simply plan ahead and save yourself some trouble. Set Your Hookup at a Later Date “Stay alert and don’t get caught” One of the best things you can do when it comes planning ahead to decrease your chances of getting caught is to set up your date at a later time. When you find a woman that you want to date on the side, you will have to make sure that you tell her that you are a busy man with several previous engagements. Tell her that you will have some free time next week, and then set up a date and time that you will be able to commit to. Once you have everything settled with your planned date, you will then need to tell your wife that your job, or something else that you’re involved has fallen behind and has asked for you to help out. You will have…

Cheating: Alibis that Work Every Time

When it comes to cheating, you always want to have an alibi. When you have an alibi, it decreases your chances of your wife finding out about you cheating. However, if you’re going to come up with an alibi, you’re going to have to make sure that it sounds believable. You’re Helping a Friend Move Furniture “You can always say that you are out helping your friends” A great lie that you can use for an alibi is that you’re helping a friend move, or helping them move. To use this lie, you will have to make sure that you have a friend who will cover for you. Let your friend know where you’ll be and who you’ll be with. Afterward, tell your wife that your friend recently bought some new furniture and has asked for your assistance with helping him move out the old furniture and take it to a thrift shop or to a made up friend or family member. When you leave the house, make sure that you are dressed in a way that will make her thing that you really will be moving furniture. It is also best that you keep some extra clothing in your car (or your friend’s house) to change into. When she…


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