Using Her Unhappy Marriage to Your Advantage

While some might say that there’s nothing worse than watching a marriage fall apart, these unhappy relationships can be a gold mine for those who know how to use the situation to their advantage. If you’re looking to score a quick hookup, put the whole sanctity of marriage thing to the side and read on to see how you can make the most out of love on the rocks. Do Your Homework “Learn whatever you can about her” If you want to get close enough to get between the sheets, you’re going to have to do your homework while getting to know her. This means learning what TV shows she watches, where she likes to go to hang out and if possible, the dirty details of why she and the hubby are on the outs. Naturally, if you already know her, this is easy. If you’re just sitting down to chat, don’t forget that women love a good listener. As long as you nod, smile, and seem sympathetic, she won’t be able to stop herself from spilling the beans and filling you in on all the details. From here, it’s all about letting the conversation steer itself toward happier thoughts, namely what’ll happen once you two head back to your…

Turning Your Affair into a Learning Experience

“Gain experience from your affair” Most guys view having an affair as something that will only benefit them because they will be getting what they’re lacking from their marriage. It might be sex or it might be intimacy, but whatever it is, you might be surprised to learn that you can get more from your affair. An affair can actually be a good learning experience for you that will help you grow closer to your wife and maybe start resolving some of the issues you have with your marriage. You might find this surprising, but there are actually plenty of reasons behind this and you should learn them all so you can start making the most out of each affair. Why an Affair Can Help Your Marriage Affairs might seem like something that can only harm your marriage, especially if your wife ever finds out about it. Of course the goal is to not be discovered, but beyond that, affairs can actually be beneficial to your marriage in ways that may surprise you. By having an affair, you can work out some of the issues you might be having with your marriage by focusing on another woman. If you have issues in the bedroom and you are not being satisfied,…

The Disadvantages of Being a Married Man on the Dating Scene

“You must be worried about your wife” Hooking up and meeting women can be difficult enough as a single man, but it might seem like it becomes downright impossible as a married man. It is true that it will definitely be more difficult to hook up with women as frequently as you used to when you were single, but there are some unique disadvantages that come with being a married man on the hookup and dating scene. Knowing what they are can help you plan accordingly and be more realistic about your expectations for how the night should go. This way you will be able to make each venture out onto the scene much more enjoyable and much less stressful. Having to Hide Your Marital Status Obviously, you will probably want to hide your marital status in some way when you hit the hookup scene. Otherwise, women might not approach you at all and they may outright reject your advances. Hiding your marital status is sometimes difficult, especially if a woman is suspicious enough to be looking for a ring tan or something similar in order to gauge whether or not you are actually married. It may involve a bit of trickery, but hiding your marital status should never be…

Sleeping With Your Wife’s Friend

Anytime a relationship has problems, it’s easy to look somewhere else to get what you want. A marriage is a prime example of this. Rather than fix the problems, why not just get the attention you’re missing from someone else? A lot of the time that someone else isn’t the ideal stranger. Instead, it’s someone you already know. In a lot of situations where marriages are troubled, it’s not unusual to find yourself fantasizing about your wife’s friends. If they’re smoking hot and have always been flirty with you, it’s easy to transfer your sexual appetite over, especially if you’re having bad sex or no sex at all with your wife. If you start hooking up with a friend of your wife, though, you need to be very careful in order to keep from getting caught. Be Clear If you still love your wife and don’t want the marriage to end, make that clear to her friend before you start sleeping with her. If that’s the case she might even bail, which is okay. If she doesn’t, she’s aware that you’re not looking to find a replacement for your wife. You should be clear about the fact that what you want is just sex, too. You don’t want any confusion…

How to Keep Her from Creeping on Your Texts

Having your wife take a sudden and unhealthy interest in your phone and your text messages can be dangerous, especially if you text your mistress at all. Your wife may be suspicious of you and that might be the reason why she’s snooping, or she might just be unable to help herself even if she isn’t suspicious. Either way you don’t want her to find something that you would rather keep a secret, so it is important to know how to keep her from snooping on your texts too often. It may not be possible to stop entirely without making her think that you have something to hide, but there are still options for you to pursue if anything like this occurs. Try to Establish Boundaries “Establishing boundaries will be helpful” Establishing your boundaries within your marriage is always important, and though it might be a little bit late, you may want to consider talking to her about things like this. You might want to attempt convincing her that she might stumble upon secret birthday plans for her or something similar, if she doesn’t take to the idea that she should be respecting your privacy. It can be difficult to do this without making her even more suspicious but you…

Covering Up Your Ring Tan

“You need to hide the ring and your ring tan” One of the many classic tricks that guys use when you’re going out to the bar is the infamous ring pocketing. When you that the ring hides from sight, but that’s not all that you have to worry about. You wear that ring so often you’ve actually gotten a tan form it. Even if you don’t live in a sunny place or spend a lot of time outdoors. A little thing like a line of lighter skin around your finder won’t mean a lot to you, but she’ll pick it up right off of the bat. You can entirely skip that and cover it up before she even notices. Makeup Makeup is for a woman, that’s true. But in the case of getting laid you can always sacrifice a little bit of your gender stereotypes. Go to the store and buy some cream makeup that’s close to your skin color. Buy it, put it around your finger and then set it with a powder. You can use baby powder or a skin colored one from the store. The only issue with this method is that it comes off pretty easily. Setting it with the powder means that it’s not supposed…


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