Using Her Unhappy Marriage to Your Advantage

While some might say that there’s nothing worse than watching a marriage fall apart, these unhappy relationships can be a gold mine for those who know how to use the situation to their advantage. If you’re looking to score a quick hookup, put the whole sanctity of marriage thing to the side and read on to see how you can make the most out of love on the rocks. Do Your Homework “Learn whatever you can about her” If you want to get close enough to get between the sheets, you’re going to have to do your homework while getting to know her. This means learning what TV shows she watches, where she likes to go to hang out and if possible, the dirty details of why she and the hubby are on the outs. Naturally, if you already know her, this is easy. If you’re just sitting down to chat, don’t forget that women love a good listener. As long as you nod, smile, and seem sympathetic, she won’t be able to stop herself from spilling the beans and filling you in on all the details. From here, it’s all about letting the conversation steer itself toward happier thoughts, namely what’ll happen once you two head back to your…

Knowing the Right Time to Cheat

Cheating isn’t something that most guys plan to do. It’s an impulse. That said, guys generally only give into the impulse if their existing love life sucks. There’s a right and a wrong time to give into that impulse. If the sex you’re having with your spouse is actually pretty good and there are no problems in your marriage, it’s the wrong time. The right time depends on your state of mind. If you’re mentally prepared to commit adultery, go ahead and do it. If you’ve got a lot of doubts or worries, cheating is going to stress you out even more. You’re Having No Sex If your sex life consists only of your hand and your dick, you’re probably primed and ready to find someone else to bang. No sex in a marriage usually means there are greater problems than your spouse having a non-existent sex drive. Fixing those problems is going to take a lot of time and will cause a lot of stress. The temporary and far more entertaining option is to find another woman who’s ready and willing to get freaky with you. This obviously isn’t a fix. In fact, it’s going to make things much worse in the end. But if you need to get…

Cheating: Alibis that Work Every Time

When it comes to cheating, you always want to have an alibi. When you have an alibi, it decreases your chances of your wife finding out about you cheating. However, if you’re going to come up with an alibi, you’re going to have to make sure that it sounds believable. You’re Helping a Friend Move Furniture “You can always say that you are out helping your friends” A great lie that you can use for an alibi is that you’re helping a friend move, or helping them move. To use this lie, you will have to make sure that you have a friend who will cover for you. Let your friend know where you’ll be and who you’ll be with. Afterward, tell your wife that your friend recently bought some new furniture and has asked for your assistance with helping him move out the old furniture and take it to a thrift shop or to a made up friend or family member. When you leave the house, make sure that you are dressed in a way that will make her thing that you really will be moving furniture. It is also best that you keep some extra clothing in your car (or your friend’s house) to change into. When she…


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Our Top Picks for Married Flings

#1 Website: EroticAds
#2 Website: AffairsClub
#3 Website: AshleyMadison
#4 Website: NoStringsAttached
#5 Website: MarriedDateLink


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