Working Casual Dates into Your Everyday Schedule

Having an affair can make your life a lot more hectic. Suddenly you have to worry about when you will see your mistress next, what you will do with her, and how you will explain it away to your wife. A busy schedule makes for a busy life, and adding a mistress into that can just make it even more crowded. However, it’s not that hard to work a few casual dates into your daily schedule if you just know what you should be aiming to do. Reading this guide will help you figure out how you can see your mistress on the daily without raising any suspicion from your wife. Utilizing Your Lunch Hour to the Fullest “Spend an hour of romance” Your lunch hour is honestly a miracle in disguise and you probably do not even appreciate it properly. The lunch hour is a perfect opportunity to get out with your mistress without your wife knowing any different. You need to put a bit of extra effort into planning it, since your lunch break probably isn’t that long, but it is definitely doable and you can get in a short lunch date with your affair with ease. You might even be able to hook up if she knows…

Turning Your Affair into a Learning Experience

“Gain experience from your affair” Most guys view having an affair as something that will only benefit them because they will be getting what they’re lacking from their marriage. It might be sex or it might be intimacy, but whatever it is, you might be surprised to learn that you can get more from your affair. An affair can actually be a good learning experience for you that will help you grow closer to your wife and maybe start resolving some of the issues you have with your marriage. You might find this surprising, but there are actually plenty of reasons behind this and you should learn them all so you can start making the most out of each affair. Why an Affair Can Help Your Marriage Affairs might seem like something that can only harm your marriage, especially if your wife ever finds out about it. Of course the goal is to not be discovered, but beyond that, affairs can actually be beneficial to your marriage in ways that may surprise you. By having an affair, you can work out some of the issues you might be having with your marriage by focusing on another woman. If you have issues in the bedroom and you are not being satisfied,…

Cheating: Why Emails are Better than Texts

“You will find emails better” One of the best things about cheating is getting cute and sexy messages from your fling. The problem with this is that many times you may forget to delete your text messages. Sometimes, you may not even want to delete them. If your fling sends you hot messages or some sexy nudes, you will probably want to hang onto those. However, if your wife ever needs to use your phone, or feels the need to go snooping, you run the huge risk of her finding out about your fling. This will only lead to disaster. Instead of deleting every text you get from your fling, you can make things easier on yourself and simply have her email you. Your Smart Phone is Your Cover The great thing about emails is that they are free and you can create as many of them as you want. If you have a smart phone, you can access your email practically anywhere. While many phones only allow you to connect one email account to it, they still offer a web browser, which will allow you to access other email accounts. What this means is that your main email address will be linked to your phone and your side email…


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